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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Extra BM Events Organisers needed

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Extra BM Events Organisers needed

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If anybody does want to have a go at organising an event but is not too sure about how to start, you can always ask an existing event organiser for some words of wisdom :)
Brummie Jackie @ 02/04/2014 12:33  

theres lots of people on this site that organize events Me included all the time ,don't get this post
stutts @ 02/04/2014 21:15  

for once dusty and I agree on something, i thort is was more a social site than a dating site, i have got a good network of bm friends, wouldnt want to date them all tho...lollollol
dizzydot @ 03/04/2014 12:01  

Is there a supplementary set of BM rules for events organisers, do's & don'ts etc?
e.g. I recall when Triumph had the RAT's groups, at the start of every rideout everyone had to sign some sort of disclaimer, for insurance reasons I think?
Richard T @ 04/04/2014 21:25  

Hi Richard. I do organise rides out, but have not asked for the above. Presume everyone is sensible enough to have their own insurance and as its a general if you want a ride out come along and not an officially run thing, have not seen the need. But that said I am new to sorting this kind of thing out, so if this is a requirement, it would be good to know.
rowanblossom @ 04/04/2014 21:35  

I think the disclaimer was a requirement from Triumph themselves, to avoid the company or the event organiser being sued if anyone had an accident. Basically said "I will ride within the law and the highway code, have licence and insurance for this bike, etc." Cant remember the rest.
Richard T @ 05/04/2014 07:04  

i think disclaimers are usless unless your going to ask for proof.i mean i could say to anyone yes ive passed my test and have all relevent docs but in the end your responsible for yourself.this site is not about official rides out etc.its about various people getting together for a bimble,coffee and cakey.and to meet up at rallies and say hello.and if you happen by accident to meet that special someone then thats fab.this is why i left the bike many rules,regulations etc etc.its all about being chilled and enjoying its not meant to be a military operation or have i missed the point ???? well thats what it is for me and i know most on here are same too
zzrbabe42 @ 05/04/2014 07:32  

what zzr said
kaycat @ 05/04/2014 08:11  

I agree with @zzrbabe, the rideouts are 'organised/run' on a casual basis, as if you were meeting with a bunch of mates down the pub n saying 'fancy a blast/bimble out next weekend?' You choose to attend, or not, the onus is on yourself and yourself only. I doubt very much that anyone i have met, so far, would even contemplate lawsuits relating to accidents/incidents which occur whilst on a rideout on here. Although i suppose i could be sadly mistaken.

All i can say with certainty is i have yet to attend a BM event/rideout that has been a disaster. Each n every one has been great fun and an opportunity to meet likeminded folk. To those who take it upon themselves to organise a rideout or event i say a huge THANK YOU and your hard work is much appreciated! ((Applause))
Lindsay @ 05/04/2014 08:13  

pmsl ......................lmao.................then fell off my stool....... .........lmao .............tears rolled down cheeks ............. ..............................pmsl...........12 hours later...........still got tears in my eyes......... Richard T this is a dating website not a MCC oh before you ask they don't dish rubbers out at the meeting place
Deleted Member @ 05/04/2014 09:04  

I wonder just how many people have read the BM T's & C's Rules of the site No. 23 "Neither BikerMatch nor MD Web Designs can be held responsible for any actions taken offline. We are not responsible or liable for any injuries, accidents or mishaps at any event, whether organised by individual members of the website or BikerMatch staff. All riders participating in ride outs and other events are to ensure their vehicles are adequately insured and tested for all trips. Members hosting their own events (like BBQs at home, etc) are to ensure they have appropriate liability insurance where necessary. BikerMatch will not be liable for what happens at these events".
bandit lover @ 05/04/2014 09:14  

One reason I've never joined a MCC, too many anal rules, motorcycling is and always will be for me about being an individual, plenty of suits in Brussels, perhaps Richard has missed his calling

What's wrong with a bit of mishap and mayhem , keeps you young at heart
ExupRichR1 @ 05/04/2014 10:44  

pmsl @ exup

Deleted Member @ 05/04/2014 10:47  

Richards Q is a fine one and he only said about a Triumph ride out as an example As Deb said you would be wasting your time on a ride out basis but anything that is run buy a big company will have a get out of jail card you will need to sign. The Kiss Rally has to abide by certain rules for Ins which is why we need all your details, So some of the comments that have been made all I will say is wind your neck in before someone chops your head off
JP @ 05/04/2014 10:51  

ooooh jp your so strong and forceful go for it
zzrbabe42 @ 05/04/2014 10:53  

Richard has asked a question which has been posed before and is a reasonable one. As already stated in this thread it is in the terms and conditions section of the site for that very reason, and I would suggest that folks read them asap.

It does not look good for the site when other members decide to mock genuine questions which have been asked.

Therefore I am hereby giving notice that anymore of this kind of derogatory comment WILL result in a sin bin experience.

Brummie Jackie @ 05/04/2014 11:18  

oooh , do I get to go to the 'sin bin' , do I, do I?
ExupRichR1 @ 05/04/2014 11:30  

Well said BJ, and good luck to anyone with the b***s to organize rallies etc...
ElizaDee @ 05/04/2014 11:36  

well said Lulu and BJ, JP an organiers for organing god socail fun an runs
bikerken @ 05/04/2014 11:45  

Lulu Are you going to get to a rally ? I know you keep trying but think its about time we got to meet you in person so a plane to east mids Airport and we will get you picked up from there may even find you a tent and sleeping bag to borrow.

JP @ 05/04/2014 13:49  

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