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Biker Match South of France run 2013

Biker Match South of France run 2013 - Forums [Biker Match] Biker Match South of France run 2013 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Biker Match South of France run 2013

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Hi All

Here is the info for my tour down to Treignac area in South of France (pics on my profile in France folder)

Depart Uk Saturday 29th June 2013

Stay overnight in Dover area then get early ferry across £42 returnFerry Saturday evening over and stay in CalaisOvernight ferry So any thoughts on that are welcome I tend to always go over on Dover ferry for ease and price. How ever we have a 400 mile run on the Sunday so thinking the over night ferry is the viable option.Thoughts ?
Sunday 30th June 2013
We will head down to South of France so be warned it will be about a 400 mile run. This will be a mixture of roads and there will be 2 or 3 toll roads to pass through so keep some euros handy (cost me 12ish euros each way last time)
Fully Guided Tour - The cost is 75 euros (£59) per person pernight:
All bed linen, and Towels.
English Breakfast
Home cooked evening meal
French Beer, Wine, Tea and Coffee
Secure Parking
WiFi access to the Internet
Bike Wash facilities
Workshop facilities Drying room facilities
Fully guided tours

Arrive to a warm welcome and cold beer, settle in to your room secure your bike and enjoy a relaxing home cooked meal with ample wine and cold beer.What some of the runs will be like

Start the day slowly with a cooked English Breakfast, Check bikes out then enjoy a rideout to Oradour-Sur-Glane along some exceptional biking roads. Back to Ridersrest for a home cooked evening meal and some cold beer and relax.

Gentle ride down to Guoffre de Padirac and Rocamadour taking in this spectacular town climbing a cliff and see the eagles sore before once more enjoying a few beers and telling tales of the trip at Ridersrest.

Up early for an English Breakfast and then a ride to Mary Peak in the Cantal Region of France with a visit to Aurillac then returning to a relaxing evening meal cold beer and wine

A long day up early Breakfast at 07:00 depart no later than 08:00 to the Millau Viaduct over and under, taking in the Lot Valley on route for this 380 mile round trip. A hot meal and cold beer will be waiting our return at Ridersrest at about 21:00 (not for the faint hearted but well worth it)

Ride through the romantic Dordogne Stopping at Argentat for Lunch then on through some winding roads and picturesque villages - Collonges-la Rouge - Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne.

Take in the chain of Volcanos along Puy de Dom, Super Besse, Mt Dore (the source of the River Dordogne) & Sancy, where in the Winter this is a major ski-ing area both down hill and x-country, Also take coffee at picturesque Chateau de Val

Head south and slightly west to Sarlat , riding along the Jurassic and primevil route along the gorges du Dordogne, through such places as Les Eyzies

Casual start then ride to Perigoux via Pompadour taking in some spectacular Chateaux and abby's famous durng the 100 year wars, where The black Prince won his Spurs, and Richard the Lion Heart ruled when he wasn't on the crusades.
Then the return trip home Saturday 6th to catch ferry home.
Accommodation 13 only (not including me)
1 double2 TwinBunk House (spacious and loads of room/storage and a full beer fridge)
Sleeping arrangements
Any single male bikers will be put in bunk house, Single females in Twin unless full then you will have to share bunk house. The numbers are limited on this trip so first come first served and the above applies to everyone.You will have to pay a deposit of 100 euros and you will lose this if you decide to pull out. You can transfer your space to another BM member but you will sort out monies after telling me the change.This so I don't lose money which has happened before
Please make sure you have a bike than can do the mileage of this tour while loaded up. Please make sure you are also up to doing the mileage and keep in mind the temps can be 30c+. I would not do this trip unless you have a sat nav or at least decent maps in case you get separated.

More Info as we go along such as where to pay the deposit and how we will invade France

   Update Reply
madscots @ 09/11/2012 15:46  

Like button ticked

   Update Reply
Noddy1 @ 09/11/2012 21:15  

double required for the newlyweds

   Update Reply
Noddy1 @ 09/11/2012 21:17  

Hmm thats a lottta miles..esp as each day there seems to include a fair few miles my experience the last thing you will wanna do is be on the bike every day! That said it will be wonderful scenery and the sun will shine fer sure..

   Update Reply
rossoandy21 @ 10/11/2012 20:49  

Hello madscots.
I'm in for France trip if a place is available.
Please advise how I get deposit to you.
Thank you.

   Update Reply
non-hotmale @ 10/11/2012 21:45  

When I get a few names down once it's on the events then can sort bookings as will send Pm to all.

   Update Reply
madscots @ 10/11/2012 22:28  

Hi ya

Sounds like a plan to me and after your last trip not to be missed

Sign me up, can't wait

   Update Reply
AdsGS @ 12/11/2012 19:58  

Put me in for a twin But I may have to borrow the lovely Crimmy haha We have some catching up to do, sod it, chuck the newly wedded hubby out and the three ladies can have the double and cath up Big love Ian haha x

   Update Reply
VFRSue @ 13/11/2012 00:51  

Oh go on then , put me down for the ride too It would be a sin not to go With Hells , Sue & Crimmy together you can expect a fun packed week sorry Noddy , gotta be done

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 13/11/2012 09:54  

you guys can have your own rooms no worries it's in Italy

   Update Reply
madscots @ 13/11/2012 19:23  

Dummies & Teddies out the pram.........................I'm not playing then!!!!!!

   Update Reply
Noddy1 @ 13/11/2012 22:07  

Can't wait to give you guys huge 's!!!

It doesn't matter where our rooms are Mr Madscots, you're still gonna hear us

Noddy, Mrs Noddy won't like it if you're not playing!!

   Update Reply
VFRSue @ 14/11/2012 16:53  

Sounds like your gonna have Your hands full MadScots with the Girls getting together its going to be a riot, can you handle it !!!!! Hehe

Can't wait it's gonna b Germany again but even better, will be great to catch up with the smoochy couple any everyone


   Update Reply
AdsGS @ 18/11/2012 15:42  

Has to be said roads down there are fantastic but it's the scenery that got me and no traffic.

   Update Reply
madscots @ 18/11/2012 17:41  

This event is on the events calendar, thanks Madscots

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 18/11/2012 23:12  

I have put my name down.

Twin for me please :)

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 19/11/2012 02:08  

im very interested in this sounds good

   Update Reply
havfun @ 19/11/2012 19:12  

This sounds great would love to go will talk to other half see if we can come he he maybe just bully him into coming even better XX

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 20/11/2012 10:40  

Chris can you let us know asap which sailings we need to book..
Also Travel Lodge have some good deals for Friday 28th June

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 21/11/2012 16:56  

Well looking good so far once get few more names down then can look at taking it further

   Update Reply
madscots @ 22/11/2012 23:03  

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