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General Chat/Anything Goes

What Have You Done On Your Bike Today????

What Have You Done On Your Bike Today???? (2) - Forums [Biker Match] What Have You Done On Your Bike Today???? (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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What Have You Done On Your Bike Today????

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fianl check over then fuel stop ready for oop north,back and load ready for thursday early start on tiger9,600speed four out for a burn on weds.night bike meet.other than that diddly squat

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jinx57 @ 24/07/2012 13:15  

Out for a rather hot whizz round on the trike, other than watching an accident unfold between a car n lorry it was enjoyable rideout

car driver was unhurt as was the lorry driver phewwwwww

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drobess @ 24/07/2012 20:37  

Had a ride out to the seaside yesterday and a lovely ride in the sunshine through the Lincolnshire Wolds and over the Humber Bridge today .........and finished it off with a whopping ice cream Please let the good weather continue!!

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purplepeopleeater @ 24/07/2012 23:37  

quick trip to tesco on speedy600 for owt else i forgot to pack on out ,oop north ,here i come.xx

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jinx57 @ 25/07/2012 11:23  

oooopsy!! went to tesco,nearly got wiped out by eejit in fiat500 with sandwich in one hand,yep,you guessed it,PHONE IN OTHER HAND!!!good trick if you can master it without killing someone in 20 yards flat...dropped off library books,went to get clear pinlock as spare .......and there it was,late plate guzzi stelvio,white,low miles,EVERYTHING on it,really, every accessory in the book,sorely tempted till shop owner says,"how's that gonna fit through your gate jinx?".............good point,buggrit

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 25/07/2012 14:13  

Cleaned it polished it. Lubed it. Checked oil .ready for weekend. Yehaaa.

   Update Reply
fantasia @ 25/07/2012 17:11  

Nothing. A day off and i've been sitting outside a pub the sun reading MCN, earphones on and watching the girls go by.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 25/07/2012 17:59  

rode to inverness to get my daughter a pair of DM's (oh btw i probably should say im actually in aviemore at the moment not in glenarm ) then had a run to Nairn and back over the tops to Grantown on Spey before heading back to Aviemore. the weather was glorious! unlike the last few days where i seem to have needed webbed feet or a boat!

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kwakgirl @ 25/07/2012 18:46  

Just got back from 100 mile round trip for a glass of coke,severe inroads into bug population!! and a grin from ear to ear(should have been 60 miles but bike found a luvveerly B road and we played!)

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Deleted Member @ 25/07/2012 22:21  

sounds good loner, just got back from a run up the east lanks from the griffin in newton le willows, earlestown to be precise, from the Kustom bike show/meet

had two coffees and a coke with ice :)

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earthwind @ 26/07/2012 00:05  

Went to Lincoln to visit my son on mine today. Took me about an hour and half..... great ride

   Update Reply
lisaj @ 26/07/2012 22:25  

Had a short but awesome blast to the Vic. Packed it was and nice to see Beepa and Baz and the usual crowd :) (also had a nice blast back lol)

   Update Reply
Ninja Lou @ 26/07/2012 22:59  

got wet coming home from pub on my bike

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Deleted Member @ 28/07/2012 01:35  

Annual leave here - yipee . A few jobs to sort out around here , then prepare for Scotland, Wales and Silverstone on the XJ900. The British Leyland Austin badge is clean , so for the first time in ages ,the machine is capable of the distance.

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garymontego @ 28/07/2012 07:08  

after spending a week billeted at wellington barracks near buckingham palace installing anti terrorist barriers at night and no break from the heat.... getting back having a couple of hours sleep then having a bimble around the derbyshire peaks on my xt600 getting fresh and cooler air up my nostrils and getting back home stress free......

   Update Reply
nellie @ 29/07/2012 05:26  

Went on a BikeSafe course with Merseyside Police, sat/sun, excellent training and advice, got out to Wales on both days. Many thanks to Wills who suggested the course. The best £60 I've spent in ages.

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Deleted Member @ 29/07/2012 17:48  

removed the whole of the front end for servicing and cleaning and maybe a bit of paint even fork seals whilst it appart

   Update Reply
baza 2458 @ 29/07/2012 18:27  

Wheeled my bike outa the Garage , Swept Garage tidyed up Wheeled bike back in ....! ... I am so sad !

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 29/07/2012 18:59  

well went out today and got fookin soaked my bikes that rammy
it looks like ive done motorcross on it

   Update Reply
shaunzx10r @ 29/07/2012 19:00  

had a fab ride over to matlock bath to meet some fabby mates for my birfdy it was ace

   Update Reply
zzrbabe42 @ 29/07/2012 19:33  

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