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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

'A Day in the Lakes with Laffo' May 20th 2012

'A Day in the Lakes with Laffo' May 20th 2012 (2) - Forums [Biker Match] 'A Day in the Lakes with Laffo' May 20th 2012 (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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'A Day in the Lakes with Laffo' May 20th 2012

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Thanks folks, just ready for the off, laters

   Update Reply
Laffo @ 20/05/2012 08:49  

And it's absolutely GORGEOUS and sunny here this morning....whoopee!!! See ya in a bit

   Update Reply
Minnie the Minx @ 20/05/2012 08:55  

Minnie send some sunshine down here will you please?

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 20/05/2012 09:45  

Sorry I missed u guys Problems meant I didn't get to Devil's Bridge till 11.15. Nursed bike to Ambleside, where it said enuff. Recovered home (again)!

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 20/05/2012 18:37  

Next time XCALYBR,

Thanks to all the folks that made good company on some great roads and a special thanks to those that travelled a considerable distance, folks from all over, Preston, Blackpool, Harrogate, Wigan, Scarborough and a few from more local haunts.

The 2 ladies on the 125cc bikes... Much respect to you both, all cool and no worries, top dollar riders.

I do hope you all had a good day, if not, tell me, if so, tell your freinds for next time.

Regards to all

   Update Reply
Laffo @ 20/05/2012 19:54  

had a briliant day

   Update Reply
havfun @ 20/05/2012 20:14  

Absolutely brilliant Laffo....wasn't sure I fancied the distance but in the end it was great and enjoyed every minute Sat cackling at Devil's Bridge till after 7.30. Shazza is an absolute scream and me & Debs can't wait to ride out with her again! You should have waited we were serenaded by a loan piper on the bridge! XK, sorry didn't pick up your message till we were over on the west coast. Glad you got back ok & hope you can get your bike sorted soon Where's the next one Laffo?!

   Update Reply
Minnie the Minx @ 20/05/2012 20:16  

Y'know I'm particularly glad you both enjoyed the day...

Next one?... let me draw breath, lol

I'm at my dek tomorrow so will have a look at calender then ok, lol

   Update Reply
Laffo @ 20/05/2012 20:48  

Glad you all had a good day, sunshine made me want a road bike more than ever today :)

   Update Reply
Gibson @ 20/05/2012 21:11  

That was deff a nice little tootle out,.. 375 miles + for us over this side, but well worth it. I didn't actually know that the sun visited the lakes, but it, and the company, made today even nicer. Well done.

   Update Reply
Paj1369 @ 20/05/2012 21:22  

thanks for the pilly PJ i really enjoyed it and it gave me chance to admire the scenery....Nice to meet up with some new people .. must do it again......

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 20/05/2012 21:33  

was a good ride out in some good scenery. enjoyed it, even tho i did'nt have much to say. whitby next time. ???

   Update Reply
busafeller @ 20/05/2012 21:41  

Hats off to the Pan people,

Busafella, you came, you rode and you did have a natter, welcome anytime on a rideout...

   Update Reply
Laffo @ 20/05/2012 21:46  

I'm really glad it went well, nice one Laffo . I'm looking forward to seeing the pics. XK I hope you get your bike sorted soon.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 20/05/2012 23:25  

Great time had.. enjoyed.. Laffo you really need to scrub up on your riding.. your not so sharp on the right hand bends.. worse than me ..

Hey Sandi, good to see you..

Good to meet you new folks.. esp the girlys.. dont be strangers gals.. and if yer going for a little pooter about gis a shout.

Devils after was a bit xxx with them lassies, wow are they hot stuff. lol

   Update Reply
Roo70 @ 21/05/2012 21:34  

sorry couldn't make this one as I was working sat and sun a busy weekend all told sounds like u all had a goodtime though

   Update Reply
earthwind @ 21/05/2012 22:12  

"worse than me .. "

You just lost a bike turn arounderer, lol

   Update Reply
Laffo @ 22/05/2012 10:58  

Dont be daft laffo.teetee, Youll be glad to fiddle with my fanny anytime i ask.. lol

   Update Reply
Roo70 @ 30/05/2012 00:45  

Roo!! We know what you mean but those who don't know won't know

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 30/05/2012 07:58  

"Dont be daft laffo.teetee, Youll be glad to fiddle with my fanny anytime i ask.. lol"...

For the record...

I have indeed fiddled with her "f*nny" in recent weeks BUT... let it be known to all that is what she calls her bike.

If you ask her nicely she will post a picture of it, being the nice well balanced lass that she is.

Wish I had called my bike that, how many laughs has that name made?...

   Update Reply
Laffo @ 30/05/2012 22:06  

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