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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out


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any one near Ely /Cambridge tomorrow??

   Update Reply
oggy @ 13/07/2007 17:11  

Nope. Soz

   Update Reply
Di @ 13/07/2007 17:27  

nor me soz oggy m8

   Update Reply
RC @ 13/07/2007 17:52  

I didnt think you two would be lol, having a bit of a bbq here if anyone wants to come along,bit short notice but it was meant to be just a few beers but Daves on about a bbq too,so if anyone wants to come along & chuck a burger(whatever) on the bbq give me a shout

   Update Reply
oggy @ 13/07/2007 18:07  

lol bring it all down to mine instead m8 lol

   Update Reply
RC @ 13/07/2007 18:09  

You mean the evening! Why didn't you say so?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Update Reply
Di @ 13/07/2007 18:12  

be going on most of the day Di,you're more than welcome mate,just give me a bell got kids here this weekend though so wont be a mega pissup,thats coming in August lol

   Update Reply
oggy @ 13/07/2007 18:44  

Cool, ring ya at lunch time cos I gotta work in the morning!

   Update Reply
Di @ 13/07/2007 18:53  

Oggy I will be in cambridge in two weeks time at Royston Waddon for a biker rally, I have family in Ely I am going to hopefully catch up with then.

   Update Reply
Cruiser gal @ 13/07/2007 21:21  

   Update Reply
oggy @ 13/07/2007 22:03  

Di has a bump on her head! & a graze on her elbow. not me this time,it was Dave!! we all got very drunk & Dave & Di got lost on a walkabout good time was had by all pics to follow unless demands are met

   Update Reply
oggy @ 15/07/2007 03:30  

well if di goes walk about at the r n b shes on her own lol

cause i aint leavin the beer tent till very very late

glad u all had a good time oggy

u cant take fbk anywhere

   Update Reply
RC @ 15/07/2007 07:34  

I wasn't lost, fbk was lost! You cleared up all the silly string yet oggy?

   Update Reply
Di @ 15/07/2007 08:39  

ohhhhh no not the silly string

   Update Reply
RC @ 15/07/2007 08:54  

No, please, not photos. I'll meet the demands, anything.... Oh, unless it's the one of FBK on the chair, in which case, go for it.

   Update Reply
Tut @ 15/07/2007 09:27  

Tut,you would have to come back & check the photo's I think you'd be quite happy with the terms but I wont be putting Dave the dancing drunk online till he's seen it for himself & ok's it,or should I? That was bloody funny. I feel a youtube moment coming on,Dave,what do you reckon? put it on or wait till you've seen it? lmao

   Update Reply
oggy @ 15/07/2007 14:02  

hows the bump Di?? lol

   Update Reply
oggy @ 16/07/2007 10:17  

Very large and bloody sore thanks Forgotten just how hard concrete damn well is!!!!

   Update Reply
Di @ 16/07/2007 10:22  

nah u love concrete di u seem to to an expert with now lol will u ever learn

   Update Reply
RC @ 16/07/2007 12:08  

Di, I think you just like men to be rough with you!! Kinky!

   Update Reply
oggy @ 16/07/2007 12:25  

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