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Heated Grips or Heated Gloves??

Heated Grips or Heated Gloves?? (2) - Forums [Biker Match] Heated Grips or Heated Gloves?? (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Heated Grips or Heated Gloves??

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Minnie how about a heated padded bra. Now there's a thought for the ladies. Being a gentleman I can't suggest anything about the bazookas but obiviously they must make good insulation! Being serious, I would have thought that the most heat would be required on the front of the body to over come the wind chill factor. However I don't use any form of supplementary heating, so I am not the best judge.

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davidneale @ 04/02/2012 21:53  

wow i have just read through all your replies adn its brill thanks everyone ... x i think its made up my mind its gonna be heated grips rather than gloves as i can then use em when i want whereas gloves i gotta wear or hook up or any other hassle and if it aint so bad when i set off at least the grips can be turned on half way through a journey. Also brill advice about where i get them wired to so not to drain my battery...and of course the other advice i defo take on is not to wear too thick a gloves with the heated grips or the benefit aint felt. Think i gonna get the ones with various heat settings - or would anyone suggest this a waste of time and they just need to be on or off?? Fankin you all again

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xSuzix @ 05/02/2012 16:22  

Get the Oxford Hot Grips Suzi, they have 4 settings. 25-100%, and 75% gets a wee bit too warm sometimes, and that's with the thick winter gloves on. Also they have a low voltage cut-out so if the bike battery gets down to 11.5V it'll shut off and not drain it.

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Sharky92 @ 05/02/2012 17:00  

thermostat without doubt

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Deleted Member @ 05/02/2012 17:55  

YZFJohn.......surely cold NUMB hands are better for a barcleys bank x

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missme @ 10/02/2012 11:21  

[Respectfully] Yuck!!..this is not going in a good direction [/thumbs down]

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iceybusa @ 11/02/2012 22:11  

Top laughs John , heated grips and a barclays bank. Ever considered taking them off the bike and trying to fit them to a melon , somehow.

lmfao ,.. Dusty ,..

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dustin666 @ 12/02/2012 11:00  

I'm with Stroggyman. Barkbusters are great and they've really made a difference this winter. I wear winter gloves but my hands actually work after a few hours riding instead of being gnarled claws!
I got mine from Chainspeed too but they told me the Storm S1 guards wouldn't fit my CB750. I contacted Rideworx/Barkbusters and they were brilliant in every respect, guards do fit my bike and I'm well chuffed!
If your bike isn't on their list just e-mail them and they'll help.

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Squiddy @ 14/02/2012 19:28  

You don't need numb can just leave your gloves on......or so I've heard

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Squiddy @ 14/02/2012 19:32  

well thanks boys for the info about barclays bank and cold hands but ah dooo think the info that i prefer is which is hte best option when im on me bike for riding me bike ... i think i can suss the barclays bank out for meself

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xSuzix @ 17/02/2012 19:33  

Today I am a convert to "Little Footies Adhesive Toe Warmers". Stuck em on the top of my socks inside me boots. They are bloomin fantastic. My feet stayed really warm all day...think I'm gonna a great bif box full on tinternet

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Minnie the Minx @ 26/02/2012 23:34  

Mini they do hand hotties to, great for down the back of gloves in winter

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Deleted User @ 27/02/2012 02:58  

do they hand hotties keep your fingers warm too then shell? and where do you get them from chick?

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xSuzix @ 29/02/2012 21:08  

I've had my Oxford heated grips for a couple of weeks now and think they're great....lovely toasty paws. But I had a really scary experience at the weekend when the glue on the throttle grip melted and the grip stopped, errr gripping....not good on a Lake District road with loads of hills & gear changes and not able to trust I would get a response when I wanted revs....and the delayed response when I wanted to decelerate was positively terrifying The guy who fitted them said he used the glue Oxford supplied with the grips...good eh? Anyway, they are now super-glued so it's worth considering ditching the oxford glue & using something better when fitting em

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Minnie the Minx @ 20/03/2012 22:11  

I've had heated grips before but now use heated gloves along with heated body warmer when it gets real cold. Can run them of the bike or via battery which is usefull as I used to use it for cave diving to!

My stuff is by Keis and it's great, can even get heated insoles to.


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gixerk6 @ 20/03/2012 22:39  

Oooooops sorry Suzie just saw your q on this.

I find putting one down the back of my gloves almost to knuckle keeps the circulation going in my hand.

Ian got me a whole box for Xmas a couple of years ago lol from on the web, but you can get them all over now

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Deleted User @ 21/03/2012 03:30  

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