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New site logo idea

New site logo idea - Forums [Biker Match] New site logo idea - Forums [Biker Match]
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New site logo idea

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I know I've been promising a new site logo, T-shirt design etc for ages now - but I've finally got an idea. The BM Mascot idea isn't going to work I don't think, it's too hard to get designed and to have altered everytime for each purpose.

So my simple idea is... a pink (ladies) and blue (mans) motorbike glove, overlapping in some way. Photographed and photoshopped carefully with a B and M over the gloves.

Another idea... The front of a motorbike with one of the 2 gloves above (pink and blue) on either side of the handlebar. With BM on the windshield. Again photographed carefully and photoshopped by professionals.

We could make a competition out of it too. I have the photography skills and equipment but I don't have photoshop - so maybe I supply a bunch of photos and the peson who makes the best photoshop design wins.

Thoughts, opinions, ideas please??

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Matt @ 05/01/2012 15:34  

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Matt @ 05/01/2012 15:42  

Maybe 2 bikers' hands shaking with red and blue glove on?? Shows the community aspect and fiendliness of BM

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Matt @ 05/01/2012 15:43  

Think the best way is get your pics done then send them to a professional to get it done right or hand the ideas over and get them to send you a few different mock ups then pic the best and let them do it

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JP @ 05/01/2012 15:52  

would be happy to photoshop it for you if u know what u want. im as good as a professional but will do it for free of course!

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kwakgirl @ 05/01/2012 15:53  

To be Devil's Advocate a moment, so much goes into a logo and it's your corporate identity. It should also be used as a starting point to whole site design, at least that's what our digital designer here tells me. If there's the budget, is it worth considering a professional designer to work with for a new logo/corporate identity?

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Say_Ten @ 05/01/2012 16:02  

Shows the community aspect and fiendliness of BM

I hope thats a spelling mistake lol

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Brummie Jackie @ 05/01/2012 16:13  

Hang on Matt what do we do when the gloves come off again LOL

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JP @ 05/01/2012 16:22  

i spend 2 months a year designing a road race program here including design and production of the front cover and all the ads if they dont provide me with copy which is about 50% of them. go pay thru the nose for a "professional" designer (you lot can moan about the cost of subs going up afterwards!) or i will do it for you for FREE and if you dont like it dont use it....nothing to lose as i see it.

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kwakgirl @ 05/01/2012 16:29  

kwakgirl - I wasn't attempting to suggest you couldn't do the job btw. I have no idea of your skill set or experience. You could be a professional designer for all I know!

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Say_Ten @ 05/01/2012 21:10  

It all sounds like a good idea to me, especially if we have the people already on board. I like the compation idea, but I think it would be good if ideas also come from any member who is interested in putting an idea forward and then if accepted one of the experienced people such as Kwakgirl put it together. You don't necessarily have to experienced in Photshop to come up with the idea. Skech of a proposed design can be sent for approval and knocking into shape by those that can do.

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davidneale @ 05/01/2012 21:24  

Not really getting excited about the glove idea, especially pink and blue representations. I would have thought a graphic/drawn design better with the initials BM used in it somewhere and perhaps "online m/c community" or something around the design like a badge style?
I'm no artist but Old Un and I came up with an idea months ago using a simplistic view of the front or rear of a bike with some lettering around it. I'm sure there must be some artistic folk among us who could expand on that or come up with something better?

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Deleted Member @ 05/01/2012 21:47  

Pink glove How about a line of stylised bikes shown from the rear with back views of riders. Female and male botties on saddles have distinctively different shapes when viewed from behind

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Minnie the Minx @ 05/01/2012 22:03  

In my, less than humble, opinion logos are best when they are simple and uncluttered. The BM logo may not need to work as a letter head any time soon but it does need to work in the low resolution format of t'interwebs.

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Say_Ten @ 05/01/2012 22:37  

Thanks KwakGirl... Mucka Jay from has also offered to help out and is thinking something up for us as we speak (cos i like their logo).
Say_Ten is correct... you can't be using bikes etc cos they're too detailed. It needs to be very simple. I like this from a dutch site... and this from TBFM...;theater

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Matt @ 05/01/2012 23:43  

My tuppence-worth I'm not keen on pink, it's a bit old fashioned to use 'pink for girl and blue for boy' also if there are many colours it may cost more when it comes to adding a logo to clothing. How about reversing the initials to MB as in Matt's Brats lol (I am joking of course) Matt, I love the TBFM logo but no good for BM, if you are thinking of using a helmet, as there are many different bikes and bikers there are many different helmets so bound to displease someone. IMHO, you should choose two designs you like and ask us members which we like best, the most votes wins, makes life easier than asking us lot what we like. Also IMHO I reckon you should aim to have this sorted by March, the start of the riding season.

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Sandi @ 06/01/2012 07:30  

hahahaha I love that ' Matt's Brats '

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anneka56 @ 06/01/2012 12:20  

How about a silhouette of two peeps on a bike?

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XKLYBR @ 06/01/2012 13:04  

Out of interest, as logos usually feed the site design and not the other way around, are there bigger changes afoot long term? Personally I wouldn't look at making the logo suggest bringing people together, it doesn't really need to convey any other message than this content is related to BM. As an example of this, take a look at the new HP logo.

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Say_Ten @ 06/01/2012 13:51  

I don't wish to upset the apple cart or upset anyone so please don't hang me out to dry or run me off the road before I've finished

Am I wrong in thinking that this site was set up predominately to be dating site or/and for bikers looking for something a little more than friendship?
The name of this "Club" (page, group or community is called) "Biker Match".
I was directed by friends to this site as a dating site, now I see it is more than just a dating site but the public perception is still a dating site. (Isn't it?)

Therefore, my question would be; how many people/members would actually buy and wear merchandise with a logo on depicting a group or club used for dating?

Ok everyone sit back down have a cuppa, a beer or a ciggie or whatever

I'm not saying its not a good idea, I'm just wondering if manufacturing these items/merchandise whether or not they would sell.
Perhaps they would look like masonic logos known only to those within, well for a while anyway.
Would it be like walking round with a tee-shirt on saying "I'm free" ? (but not in a Mr. Humphrey's sort of way lol) or would you like to chat or a date?

One would have to be confidant enough to wear garments or use merchandise in public and be prepared to answer if questioned what the logo meant.

Now if we had a wrist band or badge that showed if we were; free, single and looking or NOT as the case may be or something along those lines that we could wear at BM rallies.
Alternatively you could manufacture such merchandise that boldly show's your; Single and looking, Free and single, Fancy a date. or whatever.. for those comfortable enough to wear such items?

Hey just a minuet, these items are like Window 7, it was my idea.

Well I was only saying, just chipping in my 5 penneth

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Big Fred @ 06/01/2012 14:13  

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