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PO Ferries Discount Code

PO Ferries Discount Code - Forums [Biker Match] PO Ferries Discount Code - Forums [Biker Match]
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PO Ferries Discount Code

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I've managed to secure a promotional code deal with P&O Ferries for all BikerMatch members.
The promotional code to quote for booking over the phone is 94028 (this is the ACCOUNT code if they ask or get confused). The number to call is +441304448888

This gives you 10% off Dover-Calais,Hull-Rotterdam and Hull-Zeebrugge.

In addition, if you use this code you will NOT face any cancellation or amendment fees at a later date should your plans change!

I can organise special group rates also if we have 20 or more people traveling on any P&O Ferry route. Get in touch with me to organise it.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 22/09/2011 14:15  

Nice one Matt all we need now is your credit card number lol

   Update Reply
JP @ 22/09/2011 14:36  

Great stuff Matt. What was your number again?

   Update Reply
Rattay @ 22/09/2011 14:39  

haha nice try! :-P

   Update Reply
Matt @ 22/09/2011 15:02  

Nice one Matt, see?, you do come in useful sometimes

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 24/09/2011 10:53  

Roll up, roll up Travel with Matt on the Poofs Overseas fairy

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 24/09/2011 11:04  

aww Matt can you not get the same deal on irish routes?

   Update Reply
kwakgirl @ 24/09/2011 15:05  

Hey XK i bet u was up all night thinkin of that one lol

   Update Reply
UKHarleyRider @ 24/09/2011 17:02  

Joking aside - would it be possible to try for a discount on the Irish ferries - pretty please?

   Update Reply
BOBKAT @ 06/10/2011 19:03  

sorry i missed the replies here. XK... ha very ha ha, but check out what I'm bringing to the rally next week on Poofs Overseas Fairies! Joke's on you sister They cannot give us the discount on the Irish routes for various reasons, mainly capacity. I did try. However... if we get a big group going we can arrange a rally/group price with my contacts at P & O. If anyone is organising an event and taking 10+ people over on the route please let me know before booking

   Update Reply
Matt @ 06/10/2011 19:23  

And Calmac too???

   Update Reply
Minnie the Minx @ 06/10/2011 19:25  

sorry never heard of them, but i could try. Maybe we need a new volunteer - someone to contact bike companies, ferries etc to try and get discounts. It's quite time consuming, took me over a week of emails to get the one with P&O

   Update Reply
Matt @ 06/10/2011 19:54  

calmac is the ferry company that serves most of the routes to the scottish islands Bobkat is organising an event on the Isle of Arran and will probably be using a calmac ferry so it would be fab if there was a discount available

   Update Reply
Minnie the Minx @ 06/10/2011 20:03  

Feel free to give them a call and see what they can do for group discounts. Tell them if they can offer BM members a discount we'll make sure they get publicity on the site and put it on a "members discount" page

   Update Reply
Matt @ 06/10/2011 20:19  

Bump. Need to find a seperate page to put these discounts but i'm just gonna bump the topic for now

   Update Reply
Matt @ 02/11/2011 13:02  

Matt, any chance of seeing if you can get it extended to the Irish Sea ferries please.

   Update Reply
bomb doctor @ 07/11/2011 14:43  

This sounds great. Fab work Matt...

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 17/11/2011 20:30  

I'll get in touch with Irish Ferries. I'm on holiday at the moment until Tuesday though but I'll try to remember. PM me their email address if you have it

   Update Reply
Matt @ 19/11/2011 17:28  

i forgot about this when i went to france last week , but on sea-france i paid £25 each way for a car and 2 bodies

   Update Reply
Jack Jones @ 19/11/2011 17:36  

@ mad mic, "a car and 2 bodies" no passengers or driver, just rolled up dead folk in an old carpet stuffed into the boot? guess thats easier than strapping your accountant and ex wife to back of bike to bury (i mean take on hol)

   Update Reply
oldyeti @ 20/11/2011 21:51  

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