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Hi, I've just joined this place, I come from noddingdogs. Just found I can't reply to PM's, how strange. But hello! Be friendly, and I might just stick around a bit.

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Tut @ 15/06/2007 17:35  

Hi Tut That's cos you're a standard member, when you upgrade (pay weekly subscription) to full membership you will be able to reply to, and send, messages Kwak

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Sandi @ 15/06/2007 17:40  

P S if you're friendly we may just let ya stick around lol Some of the male members of nodders were very unfriendly to me when I was a member, a long time ago now.

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Sandi @ 15/06/2007 17:43  

Well welcome to you Tut.
Grab yourself a cuppa, kick back and join in the fun.
As SK said, you can't reply to PMs if you're a standard member, you need to subscribe, but for 99p a week, it's well worth it.
Moxey x

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Moxey77 @ 15/06/2007 19:08  

hi pal, welcome to the site. Hope u enjoy. Put ur feet up and get mingling.

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Matt @ 15/06/2007 19:30  

well hellooooooooooooooooooo welcome to bm mate

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RC @ 15/06/2007 19:36  

Hello and welcome. This lot are mad ...... I am sane, do stick around enjoy the fun.

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Kate5930 @ 16/06/2007 05:11  

A lot of the nodders aren't nice, I'm one of the better ones. Honest. Figures about the membership, I'll try and work out whether here is worth it before I subscribe though.

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Tut @ 16/06/2007 08:45  

Welcome Tut :)

Membership aint that bad 99p for a week, and you can cancel at anytime, always worth a shot for that price.

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ScarletKiss @ 16/06/2007 09:56  

Hey Tut chill and enjoy the site x

   Update Reply
hilda123 @ 17/06/2007 10:24  

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