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some great points of view still rolling in,,,apart from XK's comment of course,,,,going to wait till my eye examination next week then will discuss all points with optician including advice on laser treatment..., I average £300 plus every 2 years on specs so you are correct david,,,laser would work out cheaper in the long run !!! cheers everyone ,,,craig

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Deleted Member @ 09/08/2011 22:10  

Craig I have the same issue ... I wore varifocals when I started riding a bike, like HRC I had the wide field of vision, yeah they cost more but are worth it, they do take some getting used to , felt like the ground was raising up to meet me when I first put them on but I found them great for riding in, like Bill I found it was more comfortable with the straight arm glasses than the ones that bend round your ear

The optician did suggest one thing to me this year ... I have not tried it yet he said ... wear one lens for distance in one eye & another for close up in the other !

Yeah I looked at him like he had gone mad but he says it works & your eyes adapt & its perfectly legal for riding/driving with ...

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Deleted User @ 09/08/2011 22:18  

Shell,,,,dont like the idea of one eye for distance and other for close up,,,,even if it does work,,,,will have a go at the straight arms though,,,ive been debating this for ages now,,,,6 month overdue on eye test,,,and the only thing ive decided on at moment is making my appointment for next week !!!!!!

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Deleted Member @ 09/08/2011 22:29  

lol you n me both Craig

Hence why I have stuck to glasses, however now I am finding that I need them less n less for close up, so my riding glasses are quite small & easy to look under rather than through for when I am on the bike

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Deleted User @ 09/08/2011 22:32  

I've got wide field of vision with my varifocals which I wear all the time when I'm out and about. No problems with the lenses at all. Needing new specs myself soon so might try the straight arm frames too. Will take my lid with me though to make sure... I know a few people who have had laser treatment. Fab in daylight hours but have had a few problems with their night vision as a result. Good luck with whatever you decide

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jeanzqueen @ 09/08/2011 22:48  

The trouble with laser treatment is that they can't treat for bifocals so you still have to wear glass's as well unless you have one eye for reading and one for long vision which is similar to what was suggested to Shell, sounds a bit odd to me

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Bikeabill @ 09/08/2011 23:00  

just researched this "wide field of vision varifocals" that everyone is talking about,,,,I did not realise that there were different kinds of varifocals,,,sounds a good choice,,,but even more stuff to think about now

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Deleted Member @ 10/08/2011 00:05  

Awww Craig sorry hon :-( they really are worth the cost tho, my last pair were £400 however I did get the free 2nd pair which were my riders

I found the wider my field of vision the less 'sea sick' I felt when I was 1st wearing them.

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Deleted User @ 10/08/2011 05:30  

For what it's worth don't do the following 1 wear reaction lens glasses 2 use a tinted visor 3 leave Rotterdam on bike 4 pass through 3 road tunnels So put another way take a spare pair of clear lens glasses and a spare clear visor Just my 2p

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Big Twin @ 18/08/2011 17:50  

I agree with the reaction lenses ... Great when the sun comes ou, snap you have sun glasses on, but take ages to go clear again :-(

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Deleted User @ 18/08/2011 22:12  

@ Big Twin Bin there, done that!

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XKLYBR @ 18/08/2011 23:22  

never had my reaction lenses go that dark when i'm on the bike as the visor filters the uv thats needed for them to darken

didn't know that getting eyes lasered affected your night vision so i wont be considering that now!!

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Stroggyman @ 19/08/2011 18:45  

Update :- eye test is Monday so i'm just going to get my prescription and keep nipping in to the shop over next few weeks to try different frames etc and to get advice on all points raised in this thread by you all,,,,,not going to let them pressure me and i'll order hopefully in next 2-3 weeks,,,,at this moment I have not got a clue what I'll go for ,,,except it wont be laser treatment ...

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Deleted Member @ 19/08/2011 19:09  

I tend to ride with the visor a little open all the time so they go quite dark,

I considered laser surgery, but was told the same, also my optician said that my eyes were getting better on their own, apparently its not uncommon when *ahem* getting older you become long sighted, so getting better eye sight if you are short sighted to start off with ....

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Deleted User @ 19/08/2011 19:14  

shell either you have a chromed tank reflecting the uv back up you or you have a cheapo visor

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Stroggyman @ 19/08/2011 20:03  

one more bit of advice required before my eyetest monday,,,do you spectacle wearers have your lens coated with anything ie,,,anti-reflective and does it work ???as i will be riding both day and night time !!!xtra cost but dont mind if it works,,,,cheers

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Deleted Member @ 20/08/2011 14:14  

Thanks everyone for the advice... Eye test over and optician cant believe i have been out riding bike/driving car without wearing any specs,,,,in my defence i have not hit anything,,,may have jumped the odd light or two !!!! I have opted for the tailormade wide field of vision varifocals with the ultraclear coating to cut down on headlight reflections etc... They come at a cost though :- £366.50,,,i will get a second pair in with this price once ive decided i'm comfortable with them,,,and the research ive done everyone appears to say they are great compared with standard varifocals which i cant wear.... bad news is they wont be ready till sept 5th,,,so when i set off for the scottish highlands this thurs morning lets just hope for clear roads........ Thanks again eveyone,,,,,craig

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Deleted Member @ 22/08/2011 14:18  

I had some fixed lens glasses from spec savers last week on bogoff so for the extra pair I chose sunglasses with a polarising tint they're great

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Big Twin @ 22/08/2011 18:01  

I was thinking of sunglasses but need the extra pair for work so will have to wait till next year for some prescription sunglasses,,,the only grace is that ive got the drop down sun visor in my bike helmet which will have to do for rest of this year,,,,thats if we get any sun or as an after thought,,,i could maybe pay the extra for polarised lens in second pair,,,,got upto 6 weeks to make mind up on that one,,will try and get a price on that option,,,cheers

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Deleted Member @ 22/08/2011 18:18  

CRAIG Lets us know what you think when you have your specs. I think my time will be coming soon. David

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davidneale @ 22/08/2011 18:27  

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