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Do you nod?

Do you nod? (6) - Forums [Biker Match] Do you nod? (6) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Do you nod?

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I sometimes nod, but usually just open my right hand up a little to wave. deepnds what Im doing at the time - If theres loads of bikes coming past then I probably won't be waving at each one Bikes are bikes, whether they are styled like a scooter, custom, sports or whatever. Don't have a problem with any style of bike its the rider thats on it that makes the difference, and yes there are plenty of idiots on little auto scooters, but in the same way there are also plenty of maniacs on large capacity sports bikes too. (Its a public road, with public on it - not a personal race track). My biggest problem is with bikers who have little or no respect for other road users, and you can get those on any kind of bike/scooter. It also doesnt matter to me what anyone else rides, and it used to get right on my nerves when I used to take my ex GFs CG125 along for servicing or MOT and wear my leathers on it "Aren't you a bit overdressed to ride that?" Doesn't matter what bike you are riding, if you come off a Fireblade or C90 at 50 mph - it's going to hurt just the same.

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Deleted Member @ 14/08/2011 14:51  

Me, I'm a commited nodder, always have been always will be.
As for scooters well theres 2 types vespa/lambretta and chavs, I always nod at the vespa types and always call their rides hair dryers lol as for the other type i'm afraid thats not printable.

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IanT1966 @ 14/08/2011 16:49  

I always nod at other bikers and always have.
I usually find that most bikers will nod back, with the exception of a few Harley riders, who only seem to nod or wave back at other fellow Harley riders (but only a few)
As far as the scooter and 125 learner brigade, I`ll always nod to them too. After all, we`ve all had to start as learners sometime in the past and as far as the scooter "rev and go" lot who go around in shorts and t.shirts, well maybe one day they`ll see the error of their ways and grow up.

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podnil @ 14/08/2011 18:48  

I usually nod lol it makes me feel all warm inside lmao

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earthwind @ 16/08/2011 16:38  

i nod to one and ALL sports/ cruiser/ tourer/vespa/ twist n go/ trikes, let on to vans 4x4's towing bikes makes no difference to me
i can see the point about not doing it in big cities for your own safety if nothing else but out on the open roads is another matter and as a rider of a big F off fully dressed cruiser (take note S24_SDJ lol) i get a varied response from those i've acknowledged scooterboys are usually surprised some sportsbikers nod back but generally the response i way less than it used to be when i first got into riding in the 70's

but i am a 100% nodder ( gotta be the cheeky sideways nod rather than the quick bob down lol)

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Stroggyman @ 17/08/2011 01:04  

I'm still too busy concentrating on what I'm doing to nod all the time, but today I was walking along the road and nodded at a bike going past what was even funnier was he nodded back

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HippyRockChick @ 17/08/2011 19:54  

@ Ang I like to wave, when I am awake that is

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bandit lover @ 17/08/2011 19:56  

I nod always, and think that every little bit of encouragement we can give (to learner\young riders to stick at it when all around are discouraging) with a simple nod can't be a bad thing, can we have an emoticon that nods while wearing a crash helmet?

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yzfsam @ 17/08/2011 23:06  

I think the nod started on the Isle of Man, folklore has it that you have to say hello to the fairys, when you go over Fairy Bridge. Bikers nod hello, this just carried on to saying hello to other bikers! No fact, but not heard of any other origin!

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bobbyfrankenstein @ 18/08/2011 12:08  

I live and ride in london so am naturally unfriendly to anyone who is taking up space be they scooter hardlyableson sports I hate all with equal venom . Yesterday some guy thought he would lean his cb400 against my commuter blade scratching and denting my tank , so I kicked his over on its side and watched his top box bounce down the street . So nod no , punch swear and stick up the finger yes .

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Deleted Member @ 18/08/2011 16:20  

i always nod but find many dont nod back such a shame scooters hate them tried to pass my test 5 times failed each time think im suffering from nerves so going to take my time riding my awsome little 125cc it may not be a big bike its still good in the twisty stuff so stop being snobs you lot on your big bikes lol
caitlin x

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caitlien @ 30/08/2011 16:33  

caitlien There is nothing wrong with a 125, at least you are riding and having some fun. Enjoy it and in time you will pass the test

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davidneale @ 30/08/2011 16:39  

i've always nodded to everything 2 wheeled & engined- and still do now i'm pillion. most people used to nod "in the old days" - seems less common now, but i always will!!

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Deleted Member @ 30/08/2011 16:48  

The brotherhood of bike died on the alter of mass appeal . Once 4wd drive mums started buying bikes and preaching all the gear all the time the game was up .

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Deleted Member @ 30/08/2011 17:02  

yes it certainly seems to have - most people dont even bother with thumbs up when they see someone stopped on the roadside anymore

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potnoodles @ 30/08/2011 17:10  

My philosophy is that I nod to everyone on two/three wheels, although less so on motorways now, think we often have enough to concentrate on. If they don't nod back they might not be aware of the practice and/or nervous someone'll take it the wrong way. Hopefully they'll pick up the habit if enough people do it to them ;P

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Say_Ten @ 30/08/2011 17:21  

maybe - but each of us responsible for our own actions so i shall carry on bloody minded as ever!! x

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Deleted Member @ 30/08/2011 17:22  

Bloody minded or worse?

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potnoodles @ 30/08/2011 17:25  

oi, i resemble that remark!!

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Deleted Member @ 30/08/2011 17:27  

Ofc you do Mandy !! Would be terrible if you didnt!!

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potnoodles @ 30/08/2011 17:48  

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