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Who wants to go to Germany?

Who wants to go to Germany? - Forums [Biker Match] Who wants to go to Germany? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Who wants to go to Germany?

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If I sorted out a run to Nurburgring, Black forrest and Rhine next year any of you guys like to go ? I have a friend who owns a hotel next to Nurburgring/Rhine valley who will do us a package deal. 65 euros a night all inclusive including drink...yes i did say drink. I come down from Edinburgh to Dover then cross from there so pretty much anyone can go. Nurburgring is only 220ish miles from the ferry port so isn't much of a run to get there. The roads round there are just stuning and biking heaven for those who haven't been. Warning though if you go then you'll wanna go back One last thing if I sort this then I want some of us to take pilions with us so everyone can go. It also shares fuel and ferry costs so makes it cheap. Throwing it open to see response

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madscots @ 21/10/2010 15:10  

Meant to say it's a biker hotel so very interesting place to be

   Update Reply
madscots @ 21/10/2010 15:12  

Yup yup yup, I do fancy that one. Never been there before. Do the midges wear jack boots?

   Update Reply
whackojacko @ 21/10/2010 16:58  

Sounds great idea! Aren't we running out of hols already though, 2010 isn't over yet

   Update Reply
skinnylady @ 21/10/2010 17:29  

sounds interesting. how many nights are u thinking

   Update Reply
dunans @ 21/10/2010 17:32  

Yehhhh I would love to do this!! When are you thinking of going?

   Update Reply
Karey @ 21/10/2010 17:32  

ohhhhhhh a would be up for that if some kind gent would be willing to offer a pilly

   Update Reply
madhat @ 21/10/2010 17:41  

Yes but it depends upon when and for how long?

   Update Reply
Thundercat1 @ 21/10/2010 17:47  

sounds cool, im up for it......
it depends on the dates and what they clash with !

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 21/10/2010 18:19  

Sounds interesting, will watch this thread to see dates etc.

   Update Reply
BOBKAT @ 21/10/2010 18:27  

Yeah, definatly interested. When and for how long are you thinking on ? Regards Brat.

   Update Reply
Brathu @ 21/10/2010 18:28  

Ooooh my daughter is saying I should deffo go, and it does sound good!!! As others have asked, when and for how long?

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Blackberry @ 21/10/2010 18:28  

cricky, any more of you daft lot goin and I'll have to renage, I mite not be safe again. pmsl

   Update Reply
whackojacko @ 21/10/2010 18:30  

Well said Jacko

   Update Reply
Blackberry @ 21/10/2010 18:31  

errr jacko that post was blank before... what the ell r u duin lol......
go to ............

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 21/10/2010 18:36  

He must have discovered the 'edit' button!!!! baaahhhh, I was hopin I'd beat him to it

   Update Reply
Blackberry @ 21/10/2010 18:37  

Just mimicking the blank look on yr face hun, fingers still cold fae wurkin on me bikes.

awa fur a jog shit stirrer lol

   Update Reply
whackojacko @ 21/10/2010 18:40  

oh aye, gangin up on poor little old me again. I'll cry

   Update Reply
whackojacko @ 21/10/2010 18:41  

lol blackberry.. gawd .. who the ell let jack loose with an edit button hehe jack.. youre a funny onion!!!!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 21/10/2010 18:43  

leave me onions alone, you crushed them already on sunday slidey bum lol

   Update Reply
whackojacko @ 21/10/2010 18:47  

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