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Go Karting Away Day

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Go Karting Away Day

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I am currently looking at organising a go kart track day for all ages, awaiting some prices and other info, just wondered what the interest would be.

Thinking of in the New Year when folk have a wee bit more money in there pockets :)

What do you reckon ?

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Brummie Jackie @ 19/09/2010 16:31  

sounds good to me BJ, i hope to be fit by then to join you

   Update Reply
drobess @ 19/09/2010 17:17  

Your gonna let JP loose... on a go kart...

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feistygirl @ 19/09/2010 17:24  

should be good for a bit of fun, or when we looked before the more peeps you get the better it is as thay will sort out into a full day with all heats leading to final race

   Update Reply
JP @ 19/09/2010 17:25  

Im up for it ... definately

   Update Reply
rockchick123 @ 19/09/2010 17:26  

Well FG your going to be behind me so you will see how its done

   Update Reply
JP @ 19/09/2010 17:26  

yeah... i'll be behind ya... watchin ya crash....

   Update Reply
feistygirl @ 19/09/2010 17:27  

the only crashing that will be done is you trying to keep up with the lads

   Update Reply
JP @ 19/09/2010 17:31  

only cos i'm trying to pass you cos yr all one lap behind me...

   Update Reply
feistygirl @ 19/09/2010 17:36  

OK if it's a race you want a race we will arrange at some point how about the tract at haven park by N/K cornwall on the camp next year

   Update Reply
JP @ 19/09/2010 17:41  

I'm up for that, done a karting day with work a couple of years ago, rained all day, had the kart pointing all directions but forward. Brilliant day. Brathu.

   Update Reply
Brathu @ 19/09/2010 17:56  

would be up for this if am in the area lol keep me updated on dates and stuff

   Update Reply
madhat @ 19/09/2010 18:26  

Count Ian and I in on that one! Sounds like it will be a blast! At least by then I will not run the risk of wasps ruining my plans :-)

   Update Reply
Deleted User @ 19/09/2010 19:07  

great idea bj, could be up for this one

   Update Reply
kfoggy67 @ 19/09/2010 19:09  

i could be at the back looking out for you all, whilst i'm trying to lap you

   Update Reply
Timeout @ 19/09/2010 19:23  

Mmmmm Old Un think you may be biting off more than you can chew with FG lol good luck lol

Am looking at just us on th etrack so yep the more the better and the more discount we get, and i shall donate a trophy to the winning lady ....... i mean the winner (titter titter)

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 19/09/2010 19:33  

Hey count me in. should be good fun watching the hobbit learning how to drive

   Update Reply
cw @ 19/09/2010 21:43  

suppose there not much bodywork on a kart for all these woman drivers to damage

   Update Reply
shaksta @ 20/09/2010 00:01  

if dates fit I'll come let me know when you decide please

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 20/09/2010 00:32  

lol @ shaksta ohhhh a wouldnt be to sure lol

   Update Reply
madhat @ 20/09/2010 00:37  

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