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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Calling the Sarf Easterners - anyone up for a gig in February?

Calling the Sarf Easterners - anyone up for a gig in February? - Forums [Biker Match] Calling the Sarf Easterners - anyone up for a gig in February? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Calling the Sarf Easterners - anyone up for a gig in February?

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Probably Earls in Maidstone (depending who's playing)

& probably the last weekend of Feb/first weekend of Mar. I definitely can't make the first 2 weekends in Feb and the 3rd will be out due to extreme lack of funds at that time of the month *rolls eyes*

This is just a call to arms to see if anyone's interested before bothering to find out who's on where or to put it on the events calendar

There are a few newbies in the area, so it'd be good to give them a proper BM welcome and it's about time the old crew got together again.

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Wannabe @ 14/01/2010 10:36  

*battles way back through the masses to the forum*

So anyway... Looks like a really popular suggestion, judging by the flood of responses, so if anyone wants to come along to point and laugh at the bird sat on her own in the corner of Earls, feel free.

Signed: Billy No Mates

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Wannabe @ 14/01/2010 15:49  


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anneka56 @ 14/01/2010 18:22  

I'll be there in spirit Lou

   Update Reply
Nutkin68 @ 14/01/2010 19:27  

Whats wrong with you lot down south, don't you like each other!! We don't have that problem up north.

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 15/01/2010 03:36  

Hi there I would be up for it if it means a ride out and a meet for a laugh. Keep me in the loop. thanks acn

   Update Reply
aircoolednuts @ 15/01/2010 06:24  

Nah Bill - they like each other - just can't stand me Cheers for turning up to the thread ACN - least you chased away that tumbleweed! I don't ride and I know that a couple of the others who I thought might be interested in going don't have their bikes on the road at the mo, so I had no ride out in mind particularly - just an idea for a night out to see a band if anyone half decent is playing. I now find I'm not actually available end of Feb anyway! *rolls eyes* Maybe see if anyone's up for an outing sometime in March - it'd be nice to get together before the rally season starts in earnest & I'm working every weekend. I'll probably leave it a few weeks and try again

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Wannabe @ 15/01/2010 07:45  

Maybe if you start to dig a tunnel from your end, Dartford, to my end, Hull, and I start at my end today - we may meet in the middle at some point Lou and have our own party , that is after doing a world tour and trying to find where the 'middle' is !!

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Nutkin68 @ 15/01/2010 08:15  

Hey WB count me in i'll try and drag Sumo and Nige with me too

   Update Reply
jabecs @ 16/01/2010 18:30  

March is better for me WB,should of finally stopped gritting by then. Maybe. End of march is out for me though.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 16/01/2010 18:36  

Might be able to make it but last weekend in feb - first in march are full i think hoping this year will see southern meets progress and people come out to play :-)

   Update Reply
ZZRpilot @ 16/01/2010 22:58  

Yeah i would 2nd that we deffo need more southern meets

   Update Reply
jabecs @ 17/01/2010 22:40  

Hello? Hello? Hello?

Nuts? Nuts? Nuts?

Blimey girl! How far have you dug already?! The echo's amazing!

So kinda middle of March-ish then? Maybe.

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 18/01/2010 08:22  

skidle calling Lou, skidle calling Lou - I'm lost

   Update Reply
Nutkin68 @ 18/01/2010 14:10  

I'm over here!... here... here...

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 18/01/2010 14:20  

where's here..........? where's here..........? where's here..........? *thud* ouch, who put that wall of mud there ?

   Update Reply
Nutkin68 @ 18/01/2010 14:25  

Love the new piccy Nuts

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 18/01/2010 14:59  

cheers Bill

   Update Reply
Nutkin68 @ 18/01/2010 15:03  

Let me know when i i will try to be there

   Update Reply
Kev from Keent @ 18/01/2010 23:39  

Will do Kev - meant to give you a shout last night, but kinda fell asleep in front of the telly instead

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 19/01/2010 12:34  

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