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General Chat/Anything Goes

What music are you listening to?

What music are you listening to?  - Forums [Biker Match] What music are you listening to?  - Forums [Biker Match]
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What music are you listening to?

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I know this topic was posted before I just can't find it, but it seemed to be popular so I thought I'd post again. Feel free to delete if ya can find the original. I'm a boring old fart really I tend to listen to the same stuff one of my fave bands being UB40 and one of my fave singers Rod Stewart What music gets you thro the day, or keeps you company on long journeys or while getting ready to go out? etc

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Sandi @ 02/08/2009 22:06  

Chill out to DJ Tiesto Brightside, tap me feet to the killers, 80's stuff, rock, pop, think to Fleetwood Mac Tango in the Night, U2 Joshua Tree, Simply Red Stars. Republica.

Never put a CD in me car come to think of it, always the radio for some reason

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RustyKnight @ 02/08/2009 22:30  

Funny you should say 'think' to Fleetwood Mac. When my son was a baby I'd bung F M in my personal music player and take him out in his pram, for a bit of peace and quiet. They saved my sanity lol

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Sandi @ 02/08/2009 22:39  

When I was married the first time round I never listened to music and when we split I bought my first 'proper' hi-fi and Tango in the Night. Listened to it every night for weeks while I was sorting me head out cos it was the only cd I owned. Next purchase was Simply Red Stars, both very important music looking back.

2nd marriage break up was Republica n DJ Tiesto cos I was happy as a pig in s**t

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RustyKnight @ 02/08/2009 23:04  


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sumodwarf @ 02/08/2009 23:09  

Yes Sumo great music but i haven't got one ABBA CD for some reason, strange

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RustyKnight @ 02/08/2009 23:11  

Yea Rusty it's amazing how music can conjure up so many different memories Sumo each to their own, they've never been to my taste

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Sandi @ 02/08/2009 23:25  

I have no Abba for a very definite reason. Ambient, post rock, electronica, early music, baroque, classical guitar, and generally anything that other people call weird.

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prof @ 03/08/2009 00:22  

evening peeps....drinking cider with kerrang on....quality !!!!!!!!!!!

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Deleted Member @ 03/08/2009 00:23  

Mmmmm,Abba,Sumo......why does dancing queen come to mind

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Deleted Member @ 03/08/2009 00:26  

cause of the money money money cassie

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Deleted Member @ 03/08/2009 00:28  

Kerrang in the car and in the house if I have the radio on. On my stereo and Ipod I have Donovan, David Gray, The Script, Keane, Aerosmith, Love Papa Roach, Oasis, Coldplay, Plain White Tease, Dory Prevan, Meatloaf, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Marrilion, and loads loads more. I just love music

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moonstone @ 03/08/2009 00:30  

Lmao @ Cassie.. yesss Sumo.. you are a Super Trouper!

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Karey @ 03/08/2009 00:32  

you just want a man after midnight !!!!! kaz

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Deleted Member @ 03/08/2009 00:33  

ooooh gimme gimme gimme !!!

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Karey @ 03/08/2009 00:35  

Oh gawd we aint goin go thro Abba's whole repertoire are we?

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Sandi @ 03/08/2009 00:35  

nah kwak....goin to Waterloo............ * sorry..i'll get my coat*

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Karey @ 03/08/2009 00:37  

does ya mother know that your out ??????

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Deleted Member @ 03/08/2009 00:39  

come on people give abba a rest an get into some new music shinedown are gona be big this year also check out theory of a dead man some good tunes there for you to lisen too:)

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trev0r987 @ 04/08/2009 01:16  

Evanesence................all day long !!!!!!

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Deleted Member @ 04/08/2009 02:33  

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