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New Members Say 'Hi' Here

New Members Say 'Hi' Here (590) - Forums [Biker Match] New Members Say 'Hi' Here (590) - Forums [Biker Match]
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New Members Say 'Hi' Here

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Hiya! I know it's cliche and your probably sick of hearing it, but here it is, happy new year, still single digit date for 24, so can just about get away with it, you can give me an ear bashing when you see me 💚.

A little about me, I passed my cat A in Nov, direct access, added to my driving license and bought a 73 plate zx-4rr. Can see your faces now (that's bold 😁).

Why, always wanted to ride just never got round to it, life and it's many challenges and finally in that place where I can.

Anyway, I've more to say, but I'll stop dribbling, looking forward to meeting you. 💚

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N0rthy @ 09/01/2024 05:11  

Hi everyone! I'm around Daventry at the moment but as a narrowboater I get about a bit so no telling where I might pop up.

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Boaterbiker @ 09/01/2024 19:21  

Hi all ladies

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Deleted Member @ 12/01/2024 20:18  

Hello. New to the site. I'm based in Belgium. Does anyone fancy a ride on the continent this year?

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NiccBE @ 14/01/2024 09:02  

Hello & welcome NiccBE.
I'm planning on taking a couple of weeks off next year & exploring the Lot region in France next year, yet to plan the other places I want to visit, however Belgium is certainly on my bucket list before I hit 60.

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Oggy @ 14/01/2024 10:42  

Hello everyone, and anyone!!

Steve here, from Farnham, surrey

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Bigsteve996r @ 14/01/2024 19:04  

Hello all, hope everyone is safe and well. I’m new to all this and looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you out for a ride 🏍️💨

A little bit about myself - I have a motovlogging YouTube channel called “The Rhythmic Biker” and I also present a motorcycling YouTube show called “Wolf Tales UK”

Hope to hear from some of you in the future.

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Mean Green ZZR @ 15/01/2024 00:47  

Welcome to all new members there are some events still in the planning stages for this year.
South Wales camp.
Lower Lode camp.
Wiltshire camp
Not sure on date as yet but camps are open to all member so hopefully you can get along to these.
Hope to see you all soon

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JP @ 15/01/2024 05:57  

You have of course missed the already planned event 'May Be Easter' at Middleton in Teesdale in May JP 🙄

This event has stunning scenery and roads and very little traffic 👍

Welcome Newbies🏍️👍

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Strom67 @ 15/01/2024 06:18  

Welcome to the newbies.
Strom67, I'm hoping to get to that one, depending on circumstances around the time, may have to go by four wheels unless I'm fit enough by then.

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Oggy @ 15/01/2024 08:36  

Well spotted Strom I was wondering who would spot my deliberate mistake 1st lol.
There are more events and a few rally's that members are attending Bracan rally Barfly's rally and some of the mag rally's.

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JP @ 15/01/2024 08:56  

Hopefully you will be be fit enough Oggy. We usually meet at Squires for a leisurely ride in from the southern contingent so I am happy to travel up from Cambs with you if that helps👍

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Strom67 @ 15/01/2024 09:31  

Sounds like a plan Strom67.
I've got another steroid injection at the beginning of February plenty of physioterrorist appointments before then, determined to get back on the bike by that time.
Off to the Tigers meeting this evening, getting back out on scene 👍

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Oggy @ 15/01/2024 09:56  

Hi everyone, new member so I thought I'd better post something before someone lets my tyre down :-D I've been a Biker for over 30 years.... but with a decent 14 year gap! Sadly life took me in a different direction, my old Gixer K5 has been sat waiting to get back on the road for 13 years... But last year I sadly lost my soul mate, and decided I needed to buy a stunning bike, something she really wanted me to do.... Honest :-D So I bought myself a Triumph Thunderbird Storm.... got it delivered and took it for the first ride in 13 years.... I took me back real fast, to a time I had been missing... You know that feeling. I run a small company, so finding time to get out there on two wheels isn't always easy, but I do love it again. It's a crying shame my girl will never get to sit on the back... I'd love to meet up with people and go for a spin, but I do struggle to get that bit sorted sometimes. I'd love to find a pillion to take out for a blast/bimble now an then, friendship is super important to me, a platonic pillion partner would be great.. It's something worth sharing :-) Bring on the good weather folks, ride it like you stole it!.... or just enjoy it :-)

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Gavin Kent @ 17/01/2024 17:08  

Hi, everyone.

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Deleted Member @ 17/01/2024 21:53  

Hello & welcome to the newbies.

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Oggy @ 17/01/2024 22:12  

Two wheels or four, you'll still enjoy the ride/drive. Basically it's awesome up here 😁


Welcome to the newbies.
Strom67, I'm hoping to get to that one, depending on circumstances around the time, may have to go by four wheels unless I'm fit enough by then.

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Steve_H @ 18/01/2024 18:14  

It's a gorgeous part of the country Steve H.
Haven't been up there for a few years so looking forward to it.

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Oggy @ 18/01/2024 18:42  

Hi. I am social drinker and don't smoke at all but smokers are welcome.

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Deleted Member @ 19/01/2024 13:40  

just re newed , from down south , not many members down this way , but hay ho i live in hope

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buzz_sp1 @ 21/01/2024 19:28  

 Posts: 11,847       Pages: 590/593

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