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Newbies Forum

New Members Say 'Hi' Here

New Members Say 'Hi' Here (589) - Forums [Biker Match] New Members Say 'Hi' Here (589) - Forums [Biker Match]
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New Members Say 'Hi' Here

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Hi from East Yorkshire

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Pinkypagan @ 15/11/2023 10:43  

Hi all newbies, welcome to Biker Match

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Ragnar @ 16/11/2023 18:01  

Hi Newbies

There's a meet at Squires next month (details on the events page ) for those in range, a good chance to meet some of the reprobates on BM and may be chat over some ideas for next year 🏍️👍

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Strom67 @ 16/11/2023 18:34  

Hello from Rainey North Wales but still beautiful.

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Deleted Member @ 19/11/2023 07:46  

Hi I’m Dave been riding bikes for over 40 years. I split my time between Somerset and Surrey. I’m retired (early retirement) so I’m able to get out for a ride most days

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Deleted Member @ 21/11/2023 09:19  

Hello, just joined up recently, based east of Peterborough, looking forward to meeting some of you in the new year and maybe going on some ride outs....

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RC46 @ 28/11/2023 15:51  

Hi everyone, newbie here. I was wondering why, I couldn't access the forums. Just realised my pc is blocking the site. Happy Christmas everyone.

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Sapphire25 @ 22/12/2023 08:04  

Hi and Happy Christmas 😁

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Newbybiker @ 22/12/2023 10:35  

Just wanted to say hi all, new to all this online stuff but I'll do my best 😀Hope to get involved and meet some of you great people over the next year, so for now Merry Christmas all have a good one and take care 😊

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Deleted Member @ 23/12/2023 15:01  

Hi - New to the forum, been a member here for yers just never visit the forum. Male aged 60, rides many bikes...main ride is my Harley Sportster, dislike new Harleys but do love my 1989, chain drive, 4 x speed, choke n carb "Real" Harley. Been riding bikes (often illegally) all my life but.... only took my test a few years ago. Based in Godalming, Surrey and always up for meets and ride outs, single but happy to mingle, social but enjoy solo rides - "The journey is often better than the destination"

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GU7Punk @ 24/12/2023 14:18  

Hi all .
This is grant from Cambridge riding a T140 v and a street twin .
Merry Xmas to all

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daytona5ta @ 24/12/2023 19:50  

Hi all new here, hope your all having a wonderful Christmas

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Deleted Member @ 25/12/2023 08:29  

hi everyones who is new hugs xx

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kaycat @ 26/12/2023 09:51  

Hi from Crawley…hope everyone’s had a good xmas.
I’m a semi retired design engineer. Got the classic Kawasaki bug pretty bad…I own a 2000 ZRX1100, 1977 Z1000 A1 (road legal drag bike), 1976 Z900 A4 and a 1979 Z650 C3 (cafe racer). I’m a widower…love my ride outs (dry weather only 😊…usually)…not adverse to trips abroad.

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KawaPaul @ 29/12/2023 08:03  

Hello all! Nice to be here!

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Gptaylor80 @ 04/01/2024 02:52  

Hi folks, relative newbie. Based in East Sussex, 44 years old, two bikes, CB1300 and R1200RT. Looking for new friends, pilly seat is available for use on the CB (don't have one on the BMW as have a radio box instead).

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MintyGusto @ 04/01/2024 14:05  

Hi all, wonder if there's any of the original crowd left.
I'm back after a long time away.

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Oggy @ 05/01/2024 10:34  

Hi to everyone, I'm new here, well I joined about a year ago but only now got up the courage to post a comment.
I'm new to posting comments as well...🤣

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fangy @ 07/01/2024 17:02  

Hi all, I am returning after a few years off. Infact the last time was 2009, my how time passes. Hopefully there will be a chance of meeting up with some of you as time goes on. Until then, ride safe.

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Xalex789 @ 07/01/2024 19:03  

Hi all new to this site not new to bikes hopefully get to meet up with a few people for some decent rides once we get some good weather

   Update Reply
Nightmare666 @ 07/01/2024 21:05  

 Posts: 11,821       Pages: 589/592

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