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New Members Say 'Hi' Here

New Members Say 'Hi' Here (588) - Forums [Biker Match] New Members Say 'Hi' Here (588) - Forums [Biker Match]
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New Members Say 'Hi' Here

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Hello, Martin here, licensed in 1987, currently on a Triumph Scrambler 865, also a Trophy 900, currently being rescucitated...
Located in ox12 area..

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Deleted Member @ 01/09/2023 17:10  


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Slightlyindigo @ 01/09/2023 22:10  

Hello, welcome to the ( mad House)group x

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Onearmbandit52 @ 02/09/2023 10:41  

Hej there all 👋
Finally finding a bit of time for myself after moving house and job to the NW last year.
Riding bikes and boards since i should have known better!
Currently have a 2000 X11 to go through it's MOT next week and a 97 Fireblade for me to rebuild with a new block.
Wish list bikes are an SP2 and a Ducati Diavel. Do not let me near eBay 🙈
Snowboarder who loves Canada and Italy and goes at least once a year.
Drink socially, think I'm funny, know I can't sing (does anyway).

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MooseRides @ 04/09/2023 10:05  

Hi there, I’m Aimee and live about 20 miles outside of Glasgow. Been riding for about 10yrs now and currently ride an MT07 and Monster 600. Love (sometimes) working on my own bikes. Currently trying to get a CBR400 which has sat for 10yrs back on the road and about 80% they way through building a Fazer 600 I stripped down to powdercoat.

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TDB @ 05/09/2023 12:55  

Hello all!

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Deleted Member @ 14/09/2023 22:32  

Hi everyone, new on here big wave to everyone 👋

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Deleted Member @ 18/09/2023 21:37  

Hi all newbies and welcome to BM.
Have a look at the events page and get yourself to Santa's September Sleigh Ride.

Here's the link to the event starting on the 29th

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Ragnar @ 20/09/2023 06:40  

Hi Martin

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Snow White 6691 @ 20/09/2023 11:13  

Yareet ladies and gentleman!

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Deleted Member @ 20/09/2023 15:34  

Hi, Joined the site earlier this week. I'm Min, 55, F, live in Leicestershire. Been riding since 2017 and passed my tests in October last year. Got my Bandit 650 in December. I ride all year round as I don't drive. Anxiety and depression so the bike is my headspace as well. Don't be put off, quite normal once I know ya and at ease!

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LilChunkyBiker @ 23/09/2023 23:44  

Hiya I'm not new here but struggled to navigate the site. Hopefully I have now mastered this x

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Dollybrowneyes @ 24/09/2023 18:34  

Hello everyone I'm Scruff (don't ask, had that nickname for years). Haven't got a clue if anyone will see this as I'm completely useless with technical stuff.

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Deleted Member @ 06/10/2023 16:17  

Hi, all!

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Flatout21 @ 08/10/2023 10:52  

Hi, I'm Carl, live close to Cambridge, been riding bikes since I was 17. Like all types, British, Italian and Japanes, spend late nights restoring them.

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rodenttriumph @ 09/10/2023 17:07  

hi, i’m new to this site

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Deleted Member @ 27/10/2023 00:12  

Hi and welcome to all new members not much happening this end of the season except Servicing and hiding from the wind and rain. There is 1 event left to attend that would be the Southern Christmas Dinner in Eastbourne on Dec 9th 10th. All welcome to attend but you must contact DaveVM as places must be booked in advance so if your up for it send Dave a message.

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JP @ 03/11/2023 09:27  

Hi new to trhe site hope to have a nice time here

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Deleted Member @ 08/11/2023 14:28  

Just saying hi

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hedonisticbikerUK @ 11/11/2023 00:26  

Hello 👋 and welcome 🤗 to all newbies. 🙂

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Sandi @ 14/11/2023 13:23  

 Posts: 11,821       Pages: 588/592

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