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ok, am thinking about having a BBQ @ mine - June/July ish. I have 2 spare double bedrooms & 1 single (well...once I've cleared it out!! ) there's space in the living room for people to crash in (bring your own kip bags) & there's a campsite in the village about a mile & half away from mine. There's also loads of B&B's around & a small hotel in the village. If anyone fancies coming up to the (hopefully) Sunny last of the summer wine village then let me know. ...if weather's bad then there's loads of pubs in the village...well we'll probably sample some of em anyway!! I'll figure a weekend dependant on replies & people's availability ...southern contingent - get yer arses up here & come meet us Northerners...also - the far north contingent - get yer arses down here & come meet us southerners !!

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Holmfirthgirl @ 13/05/2009 16:27  

Hey Stella.. you and Em must have been thinking the same way! Sounds like another good idea! ..not sure about the trek up the hill to yours, I cant stand up, let alone walk uphill, with alcohol added

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Karey @ 13/05/2009 16:31  

Oooh ........ baaarbeeeeeee - queue! I like barbeques!!

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geoffb2005 @ 13/05/2009 17:04  

So long as the northern contingent promise to hang around and don't vanish off on a ride out just as we're arriving again!

Keep us posted - I'd love to come... at the moment it's an absolute no-no... I can barely think about walking down the street to buy a pint of milk this week! Getting extremely mardy too... with only stale tobacco for my rollies! I was just going over to see Ma & Pa this evening, but realise I can't as I don't have enough petrol to get back home again - eeeek!

I'm mostly booked for sparkly stall time during June, but hopefully that will mean I actually get to make a bit of an income, so if you do it in July & I'm not working I'm in!

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Wannabe @ 13/05/2009 17:37  

mmm, sounds like a good plan, as long as I am not working. Could do with getting back into the swing of things, I have been away for too long, doing what I thought was best for someone else, but stuff it, its party time now.

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Deleted User @ 13/05/2009 18:16  

Hi hg sounds good to me, I need to spread my wings a bit more, June is out for me though got three rallies and a wedding just glad it's not three weddings and funeral though.

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Cruiser gal @ 13/05/2009 18:20  

Bar-be-que .. Bar-be-que .. Bar-be-que .. Bar-be-que .. Bar-be-que .. You get the idea .....

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geoffb2005 @ 13/05/2009 20:22  

hey stella wot a gud idea, i would be up 4 it, july would be betta tho (can i bagsy a bed.....hehe)

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drobess @ 13/05/2009 21:03  

Sounds good to me. How many pubs in Holmfirth? Can I reserve the double bed please? (willing to share with a gorgeous blonde wiv big...err, I mean...with a respectable lady who keeps herself to herself.)

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XKLYBR @ 13/05/2009 21:38  

hi hfg if ok will try to make it thanks

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sumodwarf @ 13/05/2009 21:51  

I gotta get a job that i don't have to work wknds , this alternate wknds is pants , pretty much booked up june/july/aug/sept . Would have loved to come , well up for a bbq .

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fastjock @ 13/05/2009 21:55  

Ditto Dugald...will await the date before I say anything

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darkcarnival @ 13/05/2009 22:02  

Hi Stella,Mark and i are def up for that,take it at least one of the pubs is theakstons?Could we bagsy a room please PS,Mark says hes expecting posh grub seeing as your a posh bird,i think hes maybe got you mixed up with someone else

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Deleted Member @ 13/05/2009 22:05  

count me in if not working

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caz36 @ 13/05/2009 22:12  

Hey stells.. i can i bagsy yr sofa then ! lol

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Karey @ 13/05/2009 23:07  

When I say Bar you say "Be Queue"... Would love to come Stella, again July seems to be better for me. Yay!!!!

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Bandit_Mr_P @ 13/05/2009 23:39  

Will be a nice opportunity to meet you BM'er's , count claire and myself in!....looking for Holmfirth on the map of England , aah Claire where's my glasses!!ha ha

   Update Reply
excalibur @ 14/05/2009 07:58  

Sounds good to me, July would be better - esp. end off -- hint hint!!!

   Update Reply
Jansky1960 @ 14/05/2009 09:04  

My Burpday end of July...hint hint lol

   Update Reply
Karey @ 14/05/2009 10:25  

By ek lass .... thats come round quick Any excuse for a PARTY Em

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Emzed @ 14/05/2009 14:03  

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