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Mini Farmyard practice run?

Mini Farmyard practice run? - Forums [Biker Match] Mini Farmyard practice run? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Mini Farmyard practice run?

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Anybody interested in a "mini" farmyard ? at my place. Plenty of camping space,loads of "secure" off road parking, excellent natural surroundings and local pubs in walking distance,all free! fire and barby bring something to burn (food) and something to wash it down but the kettle never goes cold Ideal opportunity for those learners/newbies to try their hand at laden travel as I am almost on top of the Farmyard site and within spittin distance of the "old site" if anyone who hasn't been to it wants a look at where it was born Suggestions for date Room for 15/20 ish Em

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Emzed @ 13/05/2009 15:01  

hey emzed. u mean the old farmers land with the two barns n small field, back in the early 90's. now they were good times. ah the good old days. i have yet to see the new site a i haven't done farmyard for a few years, but squeezing in another weekend b4 21st june only leaves me with 1st 2 weekends in june, but i'll keep checkin to see what u decide.

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chunkichick @ 13/05/2009 15:17  

You're forgettin the "Dingly Dell" CC that WAS the farmyard I missed the first two but manage all but one of the next 10 If this comes off (works out) hope you can make it Em

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Emzed @ 13/05/2009 15:26  

Hey Em thats a brilliant idea!! yeh I would be up for that. Bear in mind the chaos run is on the 7th June.

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Karey @ 13/05/2009 16:27  

I'm interested, ya know I just brought a new tent . Trouble is got busy times ahead, free weekend are 22nd May or after 13th Jun, so keep me posted.

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Newkid @ 13/05/2009 17:10  

ive only got a car can i come? lol

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RC @ 13/05/2009 18:09  

Only if you park it in the village and get a lift in on a bike like a "proper" Farmyarder And Kaz I'm sure its just coincidence but I posred first

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Emzed @ 13/05/2009 18:33  

Just thought I'd "run it up the flagpole an see who salutes it"! It could happen any time of the year actually but as its my 60th on the 10th an I expect some musicians to turn up for a "jam" seemed like a good way of "killin several flyin things wi 1 projectile"

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Emzed @ 13/05/2009 19:06  

haha .. lmfao @ EM like the riders i saw last year, in a car park less that a mile from the gate, gettin out of an Audi.. putting on their leathers and getting 2 sports bikes out of a transit van!! oooh well im sure u wint clash wiv stellas lol

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Karey @ 13/05/2009 19:15  

maybe next time then hey lol x

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RC @ 13/05/2009 20:27  

Only if you park it in the village and get a lift in on a bike like a "proper" Farmyarder

Such a joke these "no cars, no pedestrians, no excuses" rules. All I ever do when going to summat like that is park up, ring someone to come get me and pilly onto the site.

Although mostly these days, I just don't bother. Plenty of shows willing to permit the heinous crime of arriving in a car, so I spend my money with them instead Besides... my Ka's smaller & takes up less space than half the bloody trikes that turn up and are somehow permitted entry as "bikes".

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Wannabe @ 13/05/2009 20:31  

I know what you you mean, its just reverse discrimination After years of suffering the ignomony of being turned away from venues for having the audacity to arrive on a multi thousand pound motorcycle wearing a grands worth of bike gear when they happily let in a battered £50 escort containing several £3 "shell suited" toe rags Ooh ! sorry should have been a random rant But as bikers we should be bigger than that Set an example and welcome the public however they choose to arrive Whats wrong wi "day visitors" at a bike rally ? it would make more sense to arrange a park and ride

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Emzed @ 13/05/2009 20:41  

Hehehe! We had a sweet revenge on a Kent pub for refusing to serve a friend and his wife one Sunday lunchtime...

Nice couple, just coming up to retirement... bought themselves a brand new touring bike and planned to travel around Europe for a few months... they decided to take her for a test ride out one sunny day for lunch, fully laden, just to get a feel for her.

So you get the picture...

Anyhow, they're ultimately refused service in the nicey nicey country pub... and politely walk away...

Then they get home and start phoning round the entire family/friends/hangers on... And we all turn up in the evening, more than 20 of us... children, grandchildren, friends, various others...

And order the trickiest drinks possible - the weirdest mixes so that they couldn't possibly re-sell them to anyone else... then when they announced the total and demanded payment, my friend says "You don't serve bikers in here, do you?" all polite and enquiring like...

"Oh no Sir!" comes the response...

"Oh really?" Says my friend "I'm dreadfully sorry! You see, every last one of us here is a biker, we just so happen to have come out in our cars this evening. I guess we'll just have to leave quietly then"

And we all marched out

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Wannabe @ 13/05/2009 20:49  

As for my friends... Sadly the grand tour was not to be...

The next time they took the bike out for a test run, a couple of dippy tarts in a mini, more interested in whether their mascara was on straight than what was going on outside their vehicle, decided to pull straight out on them from a side turning and my friend's missus landed up in hospital for months, ultimately resulting in a double hip replacement

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Wannabe @ 13/05/2009 20:52  

Set an example and welcome the public however they choose to arrive

There are plenty of shows that do... & they're the folk who get my money when I'm in the Ka

Hell, some of 'em even let you drive your gear down to where you're pitching your tent, so you don't have to lug it all across a couple of fields from where you park the car Nice people. I like those people. I like them lots. And if I look needy enough, they even help me pitch my tent

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 13/05/2009 20:58  

Nice one, Em. Count me in, I'll be there...on me bike.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 13/05/2009 21:55  

I'll await the date before i say owt

   Update Reply
darkcarnival @ 13/05/2009 22:03  

Sounds good to me as well Em,will keep an eye on dates tho your birthday sounds like a damn fine reason to party.

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Deleted Member @ 13/05/2009 22:11  

Hold the spot in the corner for 2 EM ....C and i wont miss it ! a jamming session ...GREAT stuff !

   Update Reply
excalibur @ 14/05/2009 08:14  

Your places were booked in advance mate You didnt think I'd leave you out did you No suggestions for a date yet Em

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 14/05/2009 14:07  

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