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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

March 22nd The Sun Inn, Harrogate

March 22nd The Sun Inn, Harrogate (11) - Forums [Biker Match] March 22nd The Sun Inn, Harrogate (11) - Forums [Biker Match]
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March 22nd The Sun Inn, Harrogate

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Hi, bikes out and gears on, its a little windy around the durham area but sun should get out later!!!! I'm sitting bored now so going to set off soon, probably stop at s/corner for a coffee and to kill a bit of time, c u all soon...

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Deleted Member @ 22/03/2009 08:46  

I'm setting off in a min too, over to Holmfirth to meet up with others, then onto The Sun. Sunny here, bit breezy tho. Ride safe everyone, see u soon.

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Karey @ 22/03/2009 08:55  

Bright overcast, but breezy, wish I was on the bike but hey, four wheels is better than no wheels...

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Wills @ 22/03/2009 09:45  

guess it dont feel right turnin up in 'civvy's'and you'd look a plonker gettin out of a car in full leather's!!

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tangoman60 @ 22/03/2009 16:12  

gud run even tho rather windy, missed u paganprince, hope ur bikes ok, catch u at the next one. oh n i've added my little photo contribution.

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chunkichick @ 22/03/2009 18:12  

just wanted to say i had a great day with you all A HUGE thank you to RifRaf for picking me up & again sorry for the push !! (but it was your fault )

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nina @ 22/03/2009 18:41  

good day out even if it was cold n windy, got home safe hope to make next meeting

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ninjaducati @ 22/03/2009 18:51  

Good day , was nice to see faces old and new , soz 4 being a bit quiet , was feeling out of sorts a bit what with it being mother's day .

Was glad i only had 20 minute ride home , hope you all got home safe n sound in those blustery winds .

Looking forward to the next meet , how about Squires Easter Monday , bikerlind has requested that i take her to the next meet .

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fastjock @ 22/03/2009 19:21  

Cheers CC, Looking like the the battery has collapsed. The RAC guy that arrived was a biker so actually knew what he was taking about got her started using jump leads. We put the battery on the tester and it failed. When she is running the battery voltage is around 14.4 volts which is normal so that tells me the rather expensive bit is working. Managed to ride home without any probs but if I stopped the engine there is no guaranties that she would have started again. Bit peeved that I couldn't make it I was looking forward to meeting some new faces and seeing Julie again. Hopefully new battery will be installed tomorrow and normal service to be resumed.

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Phil @ 22/03/2009 19:27  

my first BM meet and had a good day,,,great bunch of people and made very welcome from the lovely greeting by julie which broke the ice to the end ride and everyone in between... For those who have not been to one because they are on there own, get on the next one as you are never alone..... Thanks to everyone.....craig... ps- got home safe and cold at 7.22pm

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Deleted Member @ 22/03/2009 20:23  

aw thanks boys, pp we will have to get a catch up soon the other Phil didnt make it so i will try to find out why, thanks everyone for making it such a great day out, it was really good to meet you all some of you had travelled such a long way on a very windy day to meet up hope we can all do it again soon

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julie j @ 22/03/2009 21:54  

Nice to meet some of you for a natter at last and very thoughtful of someone to arrange for the Vincent Owners Club to come and join us, nice to see old bikes being ridden rather than polished.

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prof @ 22/03/2009 21:58  

The Vinnies were at treat prof (a little emzed magic ?) Thanks for a BM (bloody marvellous!) grand day out Grommet Got back safe an sound after a 280 mile round trip , not bad for a first ride out since October !! Of to bed now, think I've earned a kip tonite Em

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Emzed @ 22/03/2009 22:21  

wow emzed i wonder if u get the medal for most miles ?

   Update Reply
nina @ 22/03/2009 23:32  

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 22/03/2009 23:41  

Just going back and looking at who said they were coming and who actually came, has Laur66 set a BM record by coming on a meet the day she signed up?

Still think maybe sometimes we should have name tags. Realised only after I'd left who one person was that I hadn't actually spoken to, and there was another forum regular who I'd not met before face to face, who, after an hour or so, said 'oh my God it's you' or something like.

So, apologies if anyone thinks I was ignoring them. I try not to do rude, I really don't.

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Wills @ 23/03/2009 00:39  

cracking day out gromit! was home cold & tired at half 8 - the blast down the A1/M1 being the killer!!! me no like motorways on a bike & especially when it's windy/blustery & @ night!! & poor Karey hanging onto the back of Kasaki....think that's one bike he's handing back to his dad never to be ridden again!!

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Holmfirthgirl @ 23/03/2009 07:49  

We had a very nice ride back through Pool after a generally good day. Nice to meet everyone again and to see so many new faces, keep 'em coming.

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geoffb2005 @ 23/03/2009 07:54  

Well.. what a brilliant day! Was good to see so many of you and great to meet new faces. A huge THANK YOU to Kasaki for the pillion, it was much appreciated, even tho i whinged every time we stopped... Me and Cruisers/high speed/high winds just dont go! but he was an absolute star and gave up his Z1 to borrow his dads cruiser, thinking it wud be better to pillion....errrr... don't think hes gonna borra it agen.... lol Thanks again Kasaki, despite hanging on for dear life, I really did enjoy the ride. The ride down into Leyburn and Kettlewell etc was brilliant, some really good roads. But like Stella says, the A1/M1 was the killer for me too ... i no like motorways either! lol I am aching all over today, I feel like i have swam the channel...TWICE! lol, but it was worth it. Have a good day everyone, those out on bikes, ride safe. It's very blustery here today.

   Update Reply
Karey @ 23/03/2009 08:10  

isn't it nice that we all had a good day out (despite the windy a1) lol

   Update Reply
nina @ 23/03/2009 08:15  

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