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motorcycle instructors course

motorcycle instructors course - Forums [Biker Match] motorcycle instructors course - Forums [Biker Match]
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motorcycle instructors course

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Ok hopefully in next couple weeks ill be starting my instructors course (down training first .cbt's ect ) just wondered what to exspect in the training . if anyone got link to helpful site with this training.what ill be doing ect . would be great help. (got to do my bit toget more of us on road.) p.s sorry if this is in the wrong section not sure where to post it .

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dabnis @ 13/01/2009 01:17  

Nice one Dab!

Best of luck with it - will you do discounted rates for BM members?

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Wannabe @ 13/01/2009 06:32  

i wish course cost £1,500 the guy has said he will put me through it under condition i work for him .

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dabnis @ 13/01/2009 18:03  

hey good for you mate, best of luck with that. Make sure you keep us posted of your progress

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Matt @ 13/01/2009 18:39  

I did mine 11years ago and instructed for 5 years. I had to do 3 weeks unpaid ( that was a commitment thing) I had to learn all current aspects of motorcycling law IE who needs a CBT, MOT requirements, learner laws, Highway code. I was then put through bike training which was at first hours and hours of observed riding and basicly bought up to scratch. They then tought me how to ride with a pupil, safe distances etc so I wouldn't unnerve them by riding to close. I had to do several rides where I had to provide a running commentary with another instuctor so he could make sure I was being as observant as i could be. Most of the rest of the training was being put through the same course they would give a novice rider so that I learned the test routes and the course schedule. It also gave me a better understanding of what it was like to be back on L plates. And they were a lot stricter on mock tests with us, we were allowed next to no mistakes. All this was done and monitored through (what is now) the DSA Almost wish I had kept currant.

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ghosthunter @ 13/01/2009 19:00  

hope you are successful dabnis..........keep BM posted hey........... interesting to read your reply too ghostie:o)...........take it you kinda regret giving it up then?..................

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Triumph_Sy @ 13/01/2009 20:30  

I do when the test driving work gets a bit slow. I wouldn't mind doing a bit of testing for the local papers etc. I did enjoy instructing, I found ladies easier to teach as thier not so cocky (no pun intended) as the young lads or men. The Born agains could be hard work sometimes, "Yes mate I know what to do I used to have a Proper Triumph ya know in 1965....not like these new ones, thier not proper ones ya know!" "Yes, but have you ridden anything over 50bhp with modern tyres and disc brakes?" "Erm...I sat on a Honda CBR when they first came out...." "Shut up and lisen then!" Always was a people person!

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ghosthunter @ 14/01/2009 13:02  

Jim - get yer arse up to mine then & give us a hand getting my baby out!!

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Holmfirthgirl @ 14/01/2009 13:26  

^^^^^^Ghostie as a midwife

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XKLYBR @ 14/01/2009 13:37  

ROFPMSL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! didn't realise what I'd wrote till I just re-read it then

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Holmfirthgirl @ 14/01/2009 13:55  


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Karey @ 14/01/2009 13:56  

Now theres an offer. First weekend I'm free Stella you're on.

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ghosthunter @ 14/01/2009 14:02  

*sighs*....ah, soooooooooooo asked for trouble with that post!............will you gals ever learn?!.....................

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Triumph_Sy @ 14/01/2009 17:57  

...especially with XK lurking about... PS - anybody require a lurker, housetrained...?

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XKLYBR @ 14/01/2009 18:16  

hehe! said it geez!...didn't think it was worth stating the obvious, personally!

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Triumph_Sy @ 14/01/2009 18:49  

Hey Sinbad.... u can be the official FFS instructor !! ... the rest of you, dont worry im sure we cud do wiv some extra help anorl ! Well me personally...can do wiv all the help i can get !! lol

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Karey @ 14/01/2009 19:16  


Doesn't that stand for "Single Income, No Boyfriend And Desperate"?

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Wannabe @ 14/01/2009 19:42  

LMFAO !!!!

   Update Reply
Karey @ 14/01/2009 20:32  

Who's sinbad?

   Update Reply
ghosthunter @ 14/01/2009 21:39  

soz.. i was thinking dabnis was sinbad backwards..and automatically typed sinbad instead of dabnis... apologies to dabnis for changing his name. *my first love at high school was called Nomis ... Simon, really. Shudda hung in there..,he's making megabucks designing animated puppets for films and tv programs ... but i bet he dunt have a bike!! haha *

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Karey @ 14/01/2009 21:44  

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