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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Dave Day 8th June

Dave Day 8th June - Forums [Biker Match] Dave Day 8th June - Forums [Biker Match]
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Dave Day 8th June

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Will BM be co-ordinating/involved in the memorial ride for Dave Myers (from Hairy Bikers) on 8th June. Commencing in London and finishing in Barrow in Furnace

The creator of the ride is looking for riders to confirm attendance via the Facebook Group.

Wondered if any of regular Event Organisers were aware of it taking place?

Starting to be published in the Press but route will not be released yet until they have confirmed attendees and logistics.

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GoldenGirl @ 27/03/2024 20:39  

Hiya you, long time no see - Balloch O'Dee if I remember right.
Interesting one. I know there have been, a few scam 'Dave's Ride' floating about via FaceAche and other social media of the 'donate' and 'sign-up / pay-up' variety.
If this one is genuine I would be interested in catching up on the ride somewhere along the way. If for no other reason than to watch the chaos of trying to coordinate a convoy of bikes from London to Barrow-in-Furness.
But the catch of course is making sure it is genuine.
Why not post it, or organise a smaller ride to Barrow yourself? All it needs is a campsite and pub at the end of it, a bucket to collect a few fivers for a cancer charity and the usual reprobates on here.
The regular Events Organiser is a bit of a unicorn (a mythical beast), it's just us regular grunts doing it.

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Steve_H @ 28/03/2024 07:40  

Hi lovely, I’m on the FB Group that has Si and his wife in. The logistics are going to be challenging - I maybe there with Mental Health Motorbike- I’ve raised the event with my Regional Co-ordinator who are in talks now. There are lots of interested riders from your side and further afield who want to make a day of it whilst they wait to join those starting from London. I’m starting Immunotherapy this week so I won’t personally be able to coordinate anything but I am putting the word out as requested. Have fabulous memories of our Scottish Meet - wonderful people

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GoldenGirl @ 28/03/2024 08:15  

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