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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

New Year's Day

New Year's Day - Forums [Biker Match] New Year's Day - Forums [Biker Match]
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New Year's Day

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Has anyone any ideas/plans for those of us sober enough to ride on New Year's Day in Bedfordshire /Cambridgeshire/Hertfordshire/ Lincolnshire /Northamptonshire or is it a solo ride to Sunny Hunny ???

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Strom67 @ 22/12/2023 16:58  

It'll depend on what the local glaciers, hurricanes and biblical floods are up to before I can even think about going out.
I'm sure it will be a lot warmer down your way!

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Steve_H @ 23/12/2023 14:14  

I'm sure it will... It's a sultry 11°C today but the forecast is only 7°C for New Years Day so I might need a layer between my t-shirt and jacket 🤣

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Strom67 @ 23/12/2023 17:04  

Unfortunately I won't be able to do the annual cake get together this year...

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TheSlasher @ 23/12/2023 19:44  

I had rather assumed not. Let's hope things dramatically improve for next year👍

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Strom67 @ 23/12/2023 20:41  

I thought about it but I'm at a New Year's Eve party so most likely will not be fit to ride but nights are starting to get lighter day by day and we are due a nice summer 😊☀️

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SuzyQ675 @ 23/12/2023 23:01  

Vintage Stony is on from 9:30 am to 2 pm, at Stony Stratford. It's for all types of vehicles but there's always a good selection of bikes, which will be in the Market Square together with all the pre-war cars.

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localboy @ 24/12/2023 12:26  

If that is a New Years Day event, could you put it on the events page localboy.. I might be interested myself 👍

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Strom67 @ 24/12/2023 12:30  

Too cold and wet to be fun

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rob883harley @ 01/01/2024 14:07  

I went to Vintage Stony and it was heaving.. Parking was a bit haphazard for bikes but lots of vehicles to see.

Brekkie at Super Sausage was good but I don't like queuing.

Had a great ride home cross country , saw some surface water but not one drop of rain... Part of my route was a motorcycle red route but I didn't see any bikes, let alone red ones🙄

As for the cold, t-shirt, hoodie, jacket.. No problem but then I'm not a wuss 😂😂

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Strom67 @ 01/01/2024 17:33  

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