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I have an old Harley jacket on which the zip has gone, does anyone know of someone who will fit replacement zips on leather jackets - seems this is something of a 'lost' trade these days.

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BAT66 @ 15/02/2023 12:35  

Any good shoe repair place will restitch or replace with new zip. Depends on condition of leather it is attached to.

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Double six @ 15/02/2023 13:25  

My local cobbler does a lot of repairs to bike gear, boots, jackets, trousers etc. Both guys are really good, nothing is too much trouble. Unfortunately I'm a very long way from you.

Perhaps you should take a walk around your local high streets n see if the cobblers in your area are doing the same.

Good Luck!

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Lindsay @ 15/02/2023 18:32  

If you find someone to put one in, it may help to unpick the old one out first, (should be cheaper ?)

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Fink @ 15/02/2023 21:31  

Got this from a Google search... Quite a few postal ones come up as well....

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X4 GUS @ 16/02/2023 02:24  

There is a place in Coventry
Paradise Leathers

   Update Reply
JP @ 16/02/2023 03:56  

.....and if anyone knows about needing a new zip putting into a jacket, JP does. Remember Squires, JP?

   Update Reply
Double six @ 16/02/2023 06:59  

Im old and my memory is even older. Or is this plausible deniability ????

   Update Reply
JP @ 16/02/2023 17:49  

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