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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Easter at Middleton-in-Teesdale- 2023

Easter at Middleton-in-Teesdale- 2023 - Forums [Biker Match] Easter at Middleton-in-Teesdale- 2023 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Easter at Middleton-in-Teesdale- 2023

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Here we go again 🙂
A new thread (cos I can't find the old one)

I've just had word from our roving investigative reporter (thanks Strom) that the Teesdale Hotel are now taking bookings for Easter, and if they are I expect everyone else is.
So if you want a bed without a tent get yourselves sorted.

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 17/09/2022 18:10  

Having just booked myself I can confirm that it is cheaper on the Teesdales own website than through although I have had to pay a deposit 👍

   Update Reply
Strom67 @ 17/09/2022 18:39  

Room Booked 😊👍🏻

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 17/09/2022 23:11  

Fancy this if I'm free that weekend bit to soon to know I'm still booking things for this year

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 18/09/2022 00:52  

Go on, you know you want to....

   Update Reply
Strom67 @ 04/10/2022 18:13  

We're off to the Teesdale this Friday for food & beer... I'd better warn them they might have another full Easter!

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 05/10/2022 15:58  

Can newbies join you for this?

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 16/10/2022 21:05  

Most certainly 👍

   Update Reply
Strom67 @ 17/10/2022 00:22  

Of course you can Blacksheep, get yourself along.
If you want to join in the drinking and eating merriment then it will be worth booking yourself a room, neither the Forresters or Teesdale Hotels are expensive and the food is topnotch.
Camping is an option if you don't mind the cold, Daleview or Leekworth are your options, see their websites for prices and availability.
Alternatively as you're localish you can just join us for the rideouts. We tend to cover a fair few miles but it isn't warp speed stuff and nobody gets lost, or at least I've not lost anyone yet.

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 17/10/2022 07:22  

I'm pretty local but still on my "L" s so will probably book a room. 🤣 🙂 Yeay! I'm looking forward to it x

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 18/10/2022 21:24  

Another 'lamb to the slaughter' for you Steve 😉👍🏻

I'm looking forward to this, way more than Crimbo! 😊😏

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 19/10/2022 00:12  

Good call Blacksheep, it can get cold overnight in April in a tent. The rooms will get taken so book early (and it's easy to cancel if you change your mind). I'll make sure the rideouts avoid motorways to keep it "L" plate-able.
It's all still 6 months away though, plenty of time to do your test and buy something insane 🙂

It's way better than Crimbo Lindsay, you don't have to associate with weird relatives or eat brussel sprouts.

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 19/10/2022 08:51  

Can't we just forward fast to Easter '23?

   Update Reply
Strom67 @ 19/10/2022 10:57  

I like Brussels sprouts!

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 19/10/2022 13:27  

I'm booked in for Friday night 🙃

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 19/10/2022 18:00  

This year Steve sorted excellent rideouts for Saturday and Sunday so it may be worth booking Saturday night too😁👍

   Update Reply
Strom67 @ 19/10/2022 23:19  

Strom, you sound like a bad influence already!! 🙂 No room available for Saturday night. Thought if weather looking decent I could bring tent with me and just play it by ear once I'm there x

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 20/10/2022 15:49  

That sounds like a plan.. But I'm not a bad influence, honest 🙃

   Update Reply
Strom67 @ 20/10/2022 16:05  

"I'm not a bad influence, honest"

The lad doth protest too much, methinks.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 21/10/2022 08:22  

Blacksheep Brunswick House and some of the other B&Bs still have full weekend accommodation.

The general itinerary (as established this year) is;
Friday - food and beer at the Teesdale (I'll book some tables once I have an idea of numbers).
Saturday - ride out 150 miles or so, setting off 11ish to allow for hangovers, more food and beer but sort your own tables .
Sunday - pretty much like Saturday but we ride in a different direction.
Monday - go home.
Of course that will depends on the weather, if it's shite I might take you all for a short stroll up a hill 😉

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 21/10/2022 08:38  

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