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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

No bull just beers and bikes

No bull just beers and bikes - Forums [Biker Match] No bull just beers and bikes - Forums [Biker Match]
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No bull just beers and bikes

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Hi all…Can anyone say if this event is worth going to? I need an excuse to have a ride out and stop over and wales is on my hit list! 😊

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Deleted Member @ 11/08/2022 20:44  

Its ok,ive been twice, going for a 3rd time, plenty of bands on site in the evening and a few down at the fountain in the village

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Deleted Member @ 11/08/2022 21:12  

Aso some good local riding like the elan valley, over to hereford or brecon, llandovery etc

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Deleted Member @ 11/08/2022 21:43  

Hi. Ok great thanks for that.. maybe see you there then 👍🏻


Aso some good local riding like the elan valley, over to hereford or brecon, llandovery etc...

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Deleted Member @ 12/08/2022 07:06  

Definately a very good weekend :)

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Brummie Jackie @ 12/08/2022 08:27  

Looks like a few more are joining us at no bull, we may have to have our own enclave

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Deleted Member @ 21/08/2022 09:03  

There's quite a few BMers going should be a good do, be good if we could all camp together

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Bikeabill @ 21/08/2022 20:39  

Im going to be piting up in the second firld behind the hedge, should get there anout half 5

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Deleted Member @ 21/08/2022 21:42  

Hi all I’m aiming to be there Thursday afternoon going to be a great weekend with good weather. See ya there 😎

   Update Reply
newbikerchick @ 22/08/2022 23:10  

I should there mid afternoon Thursday, I'm taking A46 than meeting friend's on A38 then cutting across to Shrewsbury if anyone wants to join us

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 23/08/2022 12:45  

A38 meeting point CMC Chesterfield Motorcycle Center Clay Cross at 10 am ish leaving about 10.30 ish depending on coffee
Shrewsbury for lunch around 12.00.ish
At Montford Bridge cafe off the A5.
Then after refreshments off to Builth Wells for mid afternoon. any changers if any arise.

   Update Reply
Witcher Man @ 23/08/2022 15:57  

Ooh, get you Glyn being all organised. I'm impressed 😊😉🤣

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 23/08/2022 21:19  

😂😂 I am always organised ish

   Update Reply
Witcher Man @ 24/08/2022 09:09  

Ok so whos been packed for a week and just counting the days?

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 24/08/2022 13:08  

Fueled and all packed this morning been chilling in the garden today, will confess have been counting the days down since Yorkshire rock and bike 🙄

A 38 meeting point tomorrow CMC Clay Cross Derbyshire 10 am
Lunchtime meet point Monford bridge cafe off the A5 Shrewsbury about 12.

   Update Reply
Witcher Man @ 24/08/2022 18:25  

That's what I love to see, everyone playing bonny and arranging to meet up en route so you can arrive and camp together. It was having Bill and the BM flag to look for that got me to a FYP many years ago to lose my rally cherry.
Hope you all have a great time.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 24/08/2022 18:49  

Glad it was only your rally cherry you lost izzy, and hope i made you welcome, i used to love them events when we would all meet and camp together but time moves on and not sure it would work now, unfortunately people use Facebook and meet in little groups now but we do sometimes get a reasonable size group together 😃😃

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 24/08/2022 19:33  

I probably won't be on site until teatime, but I'm sure I'll find you somehow.

   Update Reply
Wills @ 24/08/2022 20:08  

Update now meet at Montford bridge cafe at 2pm 🙄

   Update Reply
Witcher Man @ 25/08/2022 11:46  

Hows the weather up in builth, south wales us a wash out😥

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 26/08/2022 12:53  

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