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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Barton Bike Night 2022

Barton Bike Night 2022 - Forums [Biker Match] Barton Bike Night 2022 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Barton Bike Night 2022

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Barton Upon Humber
Town Centre
North Lincolnshire
DN18 5HQ

SATURDAY 9th July 2022
4pm to 10pm

Streets full of bikes, good food stalls and pubs.

The previous years (pre-Covid) have been really good. Very busy (estimate 5,000 bikes in 2019) with lots of interesting stuff to see.

A Grand Day Out!

If you fancy camping overnight it is available. Check out the details on Facebook.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 29/06/2022 10:16  

i went a few moons ago when i lived ooop norf..

it was brilliant.... bands playing outside pubs, alsorts 😁......

defo a good un 😄

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 29/06/2022 20:20  

Are you sorting something then Lindsay?

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 29/06/2022 20:23  

We have a club ride out organised for this, should be a great turnout this year 👍

   Update Reply
dynax @ 29/06/2022 22:00  

Steve I doubt I will have a ride, His Nibs is doing his thing in Europe still. He is making his way to Portugal atm. This is just a guess but I think it will be middle to end of July before he may be back in blighty. (Trying to park a car is nearly impossible, with the amount of bikes!)

If folk are interested in going to Barton from the North side of the Humber I suggest meeting up at Squires and heading down together.

I will wave you all off very enthusiastically!!!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 29/06/2022 22:15  

So... How was it? I know the weather was fab here, which appears to have been the usual case in the past years that I attended.

Did anyone go? See anything interesting?

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 10/07/2022 10:44  

It was heaving Lindsay, virtually every street was packed with bikes and people, there must have been close to 10,000 + people, 1000's of bikes.

Too much to take in really, everywhere you looked it was bikes.

   Update Reply
dynax @ 10/07/2022 19:19  

Sounds like the usual turnout. Brilliant, I just wish I could have got there 🙄.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 10/07/2022 21:11  

Not to worry Lindsay, plenty more coming up, and there is another big one at East Kirby Lincolnshire 17th August 👍

It is well worth going to, I went to it last year and it was brilliant.

I am hoping to get 1/2 day off from work so I can get there, our club has an organised ride out to it.

   Update Reply
dynax @ 11/07/2022 06:12  

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