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North coast 500

North coast 500 - Forums [Biker Match] North coast 500 - Forums [Biker Match]
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North coast 500

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Hi all,

I am after some advice…. I’m a relative newbie to the biker world and before I head off out across Europe I thought I would tackle the NC500 route first and wondered if any of you had any hints or advice?

Kind regards


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Deleted Member @ 28/06/2022 09:58  

The North of Scotland is amazing, but the NC500 has been a victim of it's own success, expect it to be busy.
It's still worth heading north but choose a different route rather than following the NC500 slavishly. I'm sure some of our wode covered compatriots will be along shortly with recommendations 😀

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Steve_H @ 28/06/2022 17:43  

Oh my days Mr H I've now got an image of Danny getting his wode on ... 🤪😲😯

Read this;
"North Coast 500: 29+ Things to Know Before You Go"

Note: the above link does seem to be car orientated but is still informative reading if considering doing the NC500.

Good luck and enjoy!

PS: Applecross is absolutely beautiful 😍

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Lindsay @ 28/06/2022 17:46  

I live up on the route.
Came up the West Coast on different bikes, like my old man did...using a paper map & Rough Guide to Scotland.
Lived & worked up here the last 10yrs. Whilst I might be accused of being biased - I think the West Coast is best.
Various Face-Ache forums - one guy did a video in 4 parts of his trip with his mates - drone & bike footage. Each part is about 20mins long - worth watching - covers the much maligned East Coast, which many say is boring. I've not done it myself in it's entirety, but do it anti-clockwise - North up the East Coast first ... save the best bit until last.
Here's the link to the chaps youtube video #1 - the others should follow on ....
and here's the Face-Ache NC500 forum I'm a member of ...
All that said - if I lived in Portsmouth - I'd be heading over to the continent. 😉
My profile has a few pics of the local (to me) sections of the NC500.

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X4 GUS @ 28/06/2022 21:50  

X4, I would agree West Coast is better option. Beautiful.

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Lindsay @ 29/06/2022 13:11  

Bloody hell, he didn't stay long! Who upset him?

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Steve_H @ 29/06/2022 14:15  

Perhaps he went North, forgot to turn at the top & went off the edge? 😂

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Coffee n Cake @ 29/06/2022 14:31  

Hand on heart, 'twasnt me Mr H, not this time at least ... Honest 😲🤪🤐

It must have been sumfink you said 🤔...

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Lindsay @ 29/06/2022 15:53  

West coast for me every time, i think the riding is much better on the west side, views are better and the roads are brilliant for riding on as far as I'm concerned, for me the east side is just a different (and longer)way to get home

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Bikeabill @ 01/07/2022 12:07  

He's probably out on the NC 500 now and doesn't want to answer or be disturbed. Because he's too busy 😂😂


Bloody hell, he didn't stay long! Who upset him?...

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yorkie mick @ 01/07/2022 17:23  

We did the NC500 a few years ago. My advice would be to stay in B&B accommodation. We camped, it meant too much to carry on the bike.

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SteamBiker @ 02/07/2022 14:14  

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