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Motorcycle Racing


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Hi all, did anyone watch the TT, also anyone following Moto GP or BSB, can’t see any topics about motor racing So thought I would start one 😃😃😃😃😃

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Deleted Member @ 09/06/2022 21:35  

I've watched some of it.. Those guys on the sidecars are stark raving mad.....

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Strom67 @ 10/06/2022 15:10  

I think they are all stark racing mad! 🤣🤣🤣

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Deleted Member @ 10/06/2022 17:03  

Nice to see someone on here likes the bike racing thought I was the only one on here 🤦‍♀️🤣

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Deleted Member @ 10/06/2022 17:04  

Hi. I've been a Bike racing fan forever. Remember seeing Barry Sheene at Oulton Park back in the 70s, then Foggy, Toseland & Hodgson in WSB. Love the TT & MotoGP. Saw MotoGP at Assen & Mugello. The Rossi fans at Mugello were completely crazy.
This year's TT is brill'! So glad it's back. 🙂
Plan to go to IOM again. Maybe next year?

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Coffee n Cake @ 10/06/2022 18:35  

Oh wow you have seen a lot! I was always a Rossi girl! I seen that man come from last on the grid to 2nd and only then just missed out on 1st, I’m sure if u get to go next year you will have an amazing time! I am planning to do it one year! X

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Deleted Member @ 10/06/2022 18:50  

Rossi was a special talent and did some amazing performances on race day!

Sad to hear of more riders killed at IOM today. 5 in total this TT. I wonder if this will trigger another review about whether it should still take place?
I hope it continues but I expect lots more pressure from those outside of bike racing for it to stop.

What do other people think? ...

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Coffee n Cake @ 10/06/2022 22:17  

I read about that, father and son absolutely heart breaking to read! I’m sure there will be a debate on the safety of TT, these guys know the risk of TT that doesn’t mean it’s ok that anyones loses their life, its very sad to see 5 people lose their lives doing a sport that love and adore!

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Deleted Member @ 10/06/2022 22:30  

Even worse when they get the identities wrong of who is dead and who is alive.... how bad is that for the families and the person who got it wrong... can't imagine... bound to be a review??🤔🤔 Fingers crossed there's no more fatalities.

However, they know the risks and it's their choice to race. At least they are doing something they enjoy.


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Rebel Belle @ 10/06/2022 23:31  

Still waiting for a British MotoGP Champion one day.
Too much domination from Spain and Italy.
Things need to change 🤔

Been watching the TT highlights. Those shots of them coming down Bray Hill is just mind blowing. Not only their speed but how close they come to the apex curb.

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yorkie mick @ 10/06/2022 23:54  

I have been watching the TT supersport races today... Still BSB is my favorite, still sponsor a superstock rider, but always good to see how nuts they all are..

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Deleted Member @ 11/06/2022 19:21  

Hickman was awesome in the Senior tt but fair play to Harrison comming second with a pigeon sized hole in his screen for 95% of the race.
Just catching up with WSB now, Rea leading but still 14 laps to go Bautista breathing down his neck.

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Havoc22 @ 11/06/2022 22:17  

Yes. Senior TT was great battle. What a week for Hickman! 👏👏
WSB is always intense. Need strong elbows! 😁

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Coffee n Cake @ 12/06/2022 10:37  

That’s awesome you sponsor a superstock rider, these guys rely a lot on sponsorship, who is he? 😄

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 12/06/2022 14:13  

Hickman was awesome and very well deserved! Wouldn’t that be amazing to have to British moto gp champion one day! But the Spanish and Italians have always been strong contenders

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Deleted Member @ 12/06/2022 17:34  

There's definitely now fresh calls to ban the TT, I'll admit this year I had a feeling there could be more bad incidents partly due to the few years people had away from the course. Motorsports of any kind always come with a risk so I can't see any kind of appeal for a ban sticking as where do you stop? Do you ban all club racing right through to bsb, wsb and moto gp? It's a very unique race having said that but what people who don't love the sport and just want to sit back and ban it don't realise is the commitment both physically and financially to get there. You have to be top of the game to just make it to the start line and even if you're naturally fast on a bike you're looking at 3 to 4 years of hard work minimum before you manage to enter. I think the two sidecar incidents at agos need to be closely looked into as its a strange one to have two in the same place. Heartbreaking about the father and son especially for me but its true we do know the risks and we're all a bag of nerves at all levels until we set off but when we do then there's a feeling we can't find anywhere else 👌

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Tomyork @ 13/06/2022 02:21  

That's a great post Tom. I completely agree that the incidents at Agos leap need investigating... strange place for sidecars to go off twice within a few days.

IOM TT is a bit like Monaco for F1. If it wasn't already happening, it would be difficult/impossible for such events to begin nowadays.

I think this one of those things that needs to be allowed to continue with a professional set up, rules, different levels where riders learn, develop and once capable get to ride at the highest level.
Ban it and it goes underground and it gets a whole lot worse for everyone.

I hope the TT continues to happen, that the thrill & excitement remain whilst the structure and focus on safety and qualification for riders keeps improving. 🤞

   Update Reply
Coffee n Cake @ 13/06/2022 16:51  

McConnell - used to drink in the same local and got chatting etc.. :D

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 14/06/2022 23:32  

You get deaths and injuries in other activities but they're not banned so why should they pick on the TT, I've raced there and yes it's dangerous but so is riding on the roads, at least they don't have car drivers taking them out

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 16/06/2022 04:32  

I love motorcycle road racing, I used to go to the North West 200 every year.
It's on my bucket list to go to the TT or classic TT.
You have to search catch up to get the Irish road racing, it's shown in Ireland, but not here, yet every stupid football match is shown!

   Update Reply
SteamBiker @ 26/06/2022 15:44  

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