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Technical Motorbike Help

Gs f650 enduro timing issue

Gs f650 enduro timing issue - Forums [Biker Match] Gs f650 enduro timing issue - Forums [Biker Match]
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Gs f650 enduro timing issue

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I have just bought an F650GS for when I pass my full license soon and there is an issue with the timing. Would changing the air filter rectify this?

If anyone has the same bike, drop me a message, thanks:)

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SuzukiShelley @ 18/04/2022 16:51  

Changing the air filter would not help any timing issues. If you have the knowledge to carry out a service on the bike it wont do any harm and may point you to the problem that is causing you issue. If not there are plenty of members in your area that would be happy to help you out for a decent cooked breakfast and plenty of tea and or coffee. Hope you get sorted soon

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JP @ 18/04/2022 17:56  

It might not be timing it might be the air filter chocking the engine so change the air filter see if it helps the bike run cleaner.

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Malc1 @ 18/04/2022 19:15  

Yes, a friend of mine who works on bikes said it's the air filter and to run the bike on shell power for a couple of weeks to clean the engine out...does this make sense to you? Thanks for the help ☺️

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SuzukiShelley @ 18/04/2022 20:19  

Malc1 I can't reply to your message but I am doing my theory test this week. I'm using the DVLA app and I scored 100 percent in my recent revision. I've made revision cards and literally learned every single answer, including the medical ones, most are common sense, it's the category a bike license ones that seem to be thrown in to trick us, and the mot after three years of first registration that many get wrong. I'm smart so I'll pass the's those video clips I've had to spend hours to learn at what second to click....not exactly like real life on the road but it's what the DVLA seem to be doing to make it harder for people to get their big bike license unfortunately...

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SuzukiShelley @ 18/04/2022 20:31  

Have you been putting cheap e10 in your bike ? That’s causing people trouble with bikes misfireing or running rough as myself have found out, bike mechanic I know said the same but he runs all his bikes on super unleaded, or high grade, glad your doing homework & testing yourself, that video thing is a toughie you click on what you think might be a danger to you as soon as you think you see it, not click on what is & what isn’t, it’s what you think might be, hope that helps & all the best getting the past certificate


Malc1 I can't reply to your message but I am doing my theory test this week. I'm using the DVLA app and I scored 100 percent in my recent revision. I've made revision cards and literally learned every...

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Malc1 @ 21/04/2022 01:00  

Yeah I've done a load of practice videos and scoring over 80 percent now so I think I've got the hang of the videos now. Passing the theory at 100 percent now as I know all the answers now and understand them so it will be hard for me to get tricked, even if they word the questions differently;)

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SuzukiShelley @ 21/04/2022 08:24  

Ps I haven't been riding the 650 yet as haven't done full license yet...had a go in a car park thought obviously:)

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SuzukiShelley @ 21/04/2022 08:25  

Why can’t you reply on your profile privately? Something wrong with your account?

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Malc1 @ 21/04/2022 11:06  

Hi Shelly
I have a f650 what i use for off road
I had a problem with it running rough
it was the fuel pump it was missing popping and banging
Changed the fuel pump and runs great now

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inxssive @ 06/05/2022 20:49  

Well... Have you passed your test yet? We need to know. You can't leave us hanging about in suspenders.

As regards the bike coughing and spluttering it's possibly old fuel going stale. Run a couple of tanks of Shell Ultra, or similar, to help clean it out.

The engine should be fine with E10 fuel, but it goes off quicker than E5. And E5 goes off quicker than E0. Not sure about the life of leaded fuel but that makes people violent, a bit newky brown!

Anyway the suspenders are killing me, have you passed your test?

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Steve_H @ 06/05/2022 22:10  

Im just developing interest in the biker lifestyles im looking for someone to show me around and make me feel comfortable my niece had a Harley bike

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Deleted Member @ 10/05/2022 23:52  

BMWs will run on E10 but don't bother. Pay the extra and only use super unleaded. My F650GS ran far better on it and gave better economy. Honestly though ditch the 650 and get an F800gs. I did and its a far better bike. You won't regret it.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 21/05/2022 20:41  

Lol now I've got a vision of bikers in suspenders :0 I had a mod 1 lesson, not the test...I need to get more practice on my 125 then smash the annoying mod 1...mod 2 will be much easier in comparison!!

   Update Reply
SuzukiShelley @ 26/05/2022 16:23  

Most modern BMW's will run better on E5,try and avoid E10 if at all possible..they also seem to have a healthy appetite for fuel pumps and relays..E10 seems to aggravate the problem,going by the GS forums on internet...:/

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 06/06/2022 12:15  

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