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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Thunder in the Glens 2022

Thunder in the Glens 2022 - Forums [Biker Match] Thunder in the Glens 2022 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Thunder in the Glens 2022

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Hello, first post so here goes, Can anybody tell me if Thunder in the Glens is open to all or just H.O.G. members?

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grumpy241 @ 19/12/2021 12:05  

A quick search threw up;
"Although mainly for Harley-Davidson bikes, the event is open to all bikers".

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Lindsay @ 19/12/2021 13:43  

Thank you, I do ride a harley but I'm not interested in joining HOG,

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grumpy241 @ 19/12/2021 20:42  

Make sure you try to book as early as possible. Either hotac or camping, it's always been booked out early in Aviemore itself.

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fxr swas @ 06/01/2022 20:35  

TITG is probably one of the best bike events in UK and there is every type of bike under the sun there. Well worth going to and great to also fit in the best biking roads in UK while up here ;) As has been said it's best to book accommodation asap but well worth the trip.

I'm there working every year doing my bike tours thing for orange and black/HC travel as well as my own European Twisties tours :)

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madscots @ 27/01/2022 15:37  

Hi Grumpy.

If your interested there's a national Harley group called 'Sportster Sickness UK' which as grown into a large owners group over the years. Totally separate and independent from Hog.

Each year they do a national event called 'The Big One' it was unfortunately cancelled last year, because of the pandemic. But this year it's back on (fingers crossed) at Donnington Park race circuit. Here's a YT video from a past Big One.

It's mainly Harley's and the Sportster model but all and everybody are welcomed no matter who you are and what you ride. All members come from allover the UK, have different bikes and are from different cultural backgrounds.

If you are interested join on facebook. Just search 'Sportster Sickness' If you don't do FB and your still interested I could probably find a contact for you in your area. Then message you privately here with those contact details.
There's different area branches throughout the country and I'm sure there will be a group In your area?
There's no pressure to do events if you join or subs to pay. It's just a great outlet and contact to get involved in different stuff and with great people.

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yorkie mick @ 31/01/2022 13:30  

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