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Back 2 Balloch (2022)

Back 2 Balloch (2022) - Forums [Biker Match] Back 2 Balloch (2022) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Back 2 Balloch (2022)

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So having looked at the 2022 calendar, bank holidays, work commitments, lunar calendar and even meteor shower peak dates – I’m no closer to picking a date. 
Of course there’s no guarantee we’d even see anything of a meteor shower, but it would be nice to have the possibility of it, so, starting from early in the season the options are:

a) Easter weekend, 15-18 April : Season opener (for many)
+’ve it’s a bank holiday weekend, earlier in the year = shorter days (it will actually get dark)
-‘ve it’s a bank holiday weekend (lol); full moon and no meteor peak, still cool/cold but we’re allowed fires and Danny and Izzy have “Chez Nous” and we might be able to get electric hook up.

b) Following weekend, 23-24 April
+ / -‘ves as above but just a regular weekend with Lyrid meteor shower peaking on Fri 22nd for those who can get there on Friday

c) Next w/e, early May bank holiday, 30 April – 02 May
+ / -‘ves another bank holiday weekend, new moon (dark skies) but no significant meteor activity

d) Following weekend, 07-08 May May
+ / -‘ves another regular weekend, + Aquarid meteor shower peaks Fri 6th for those who can get there on Friday (funny how these peak the weekend after a holiday one)

e) There is no ‘e’, it would be the late May bank holiday weekend but that’s moved into June and is extended by the Platinum Jubilee holiday (God bless her) so I’m leaving that for other events.

f) Final option, last weekend in July, 30-31 July
There’s a new moon on Wed 27th and the Delta Aquarid shower peaks Thur 28th so we could possibly make this a longer camp? I don’t know that there’s enough in the area to interest folk for a full week or even half a week, but some might consider a day trip (or overnighter) to Northern Ireland or stopping over as part of touring other parts of Scotland or northern England.

Am ruling out the Perseids next year as they peak with a full moon, and a super moon at that (12-14 August) – but that too could be fun? NOW you see why I can’t make a decision, so please, if this sounds of interest to you, chip in your thoughts and any preferences. Plenty of time to wrangle the possibilities. You’re allowed more than one choice but I’ll only put up one meet myself.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 23/07/2021 12:25  

Ah fek it, count me in regardless (and anything I'm planning I'll work round you).
Perhaps '22 will be another year for me organising F all 😁

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 23/07/2021 21:36  

Has there been any more thought put into this one Izzy? Or has it been pulled altogether?

Easter weekend is now taken by Middleton in Teesdale.

I've booked into Rebellion Festival in August.

When was your Portugal trip?

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 13/09/2021 21:03  

Plenty of time to sort a sequel Linz, it's definitely NOT been pulled.
Portugal will likely be September or October but I'm thinking May or June for Balloch. Keep on my case and I'll fix something just to get you off my back lol xxx

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 13/09/2021 21:21  


Whaddaya mean? Moi?? Hound you??? Nah!

Well, not often...😉👍🏻

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 13/09/2021 21:35  

May is always good before them pesky midges come out.
It's just the females that are troublesome blood suckers. Just saying.... 😈

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 15/09/2021 12:16  

Well that helps me no end; now might have to find two weekends for two meets!

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 22/09/2021 20:20  

Anymore thoughts on this one Izzy?

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 03/12/2021 17:44  

Lots of thoughts honey, but I'll work on firming up on some of them ASAP.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 03/12/2021 20:54  

I can't do Easter, already booked for Teesdale. Can't do late May B/H.
Early May or late July would be OK for me.

   Update Reply
Winchester @ 04/12/2021 20:28  

Thanks Carl, we can't to Easter either - same reason, and will bear other dates in mind.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 04/12/2021 23:34  

Won't the midges be fully grown at the end of July? 🦟🦟🦟

   Update Reply
Strom67 @ 04/12/2021 23:37  

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