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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

ABR 2021 and Mach Festival

ABR 2021 and Mach Festival - Forums [Biker Match] ABR 2021 and Mach Festival - Forums [Biker Match]
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ABR 2021 and Mach Festival

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Who is going?
Wd be great to meet some of you in person if possible.

Will be doing a solo tour around Wales tbe following week in advance of the Mach Festival.
Anyone going to that?

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Kracken @ 21/06/2021 12:48  

Hi, will be at ABR and live in Wales, so kind of covers what you are saying. 🤔

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Dove @ 21/06/2021 23:24  

Also going to ABR, first time.

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peter1200gs @ 22/06/2021 07:38  

Was at the last ABR 2 years ago. Good event, hope its the same this time. Looking forward to it, fingers crossed for good weather

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Dove @ 22/06/2021 10:37  

I am off to the ABR event Friday
Looking forward to good weather and a ride out Saturday

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GS George @ 23/06/2021 21:20  

How did you find the ABR Festival? Watched some of their live streaming they put on the ABR website and it looked pretty good. I might think about going next year.

   Update Reply
GSNige @ 26/06/2021 23:07  

From the quick clip I've just been sent, it looks like a really good time is being had by all.

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Lindsay @ 26/06/2021 23:11  

Been really good everything has gone smoothly
Just like a big event should food beer bands loads of test rides on bikes and I mean loads
Must have been at least 100 rides every hour as all the main ones was there doing it
Even the smaller ones like Benali royal Enfield
KTM. BMW triumph Suzuki Yamaha Honda all had a test fleet
And the toilets was spotless
But there was queuing for beer and food
Just to bring you back to earth
Spoke to the organiser who I know and it was about 4700 there
Next year he hopes to get 10,000 there as he has allready booked the extra fields

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GS George @ 27/06/2021 00:35  

I watched the streamed video they did and it did look really good. I think next year will definitely give it a try.

I think next year will definitely give it a try.

   Update Reply
GSNige @ 27/06/2021 14:33  

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