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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Calling all people that have organised events, advice needed please!

Calling all people that have organised events, advice needed please! - Forums [Biker Match] Calling all people that have organised events, advice needed please! - Forums [Biker Match]
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Calling all people that have organised events, advice needed please!

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Right, I've decided once this lockdown shenanigans is over I'm going to organise my first event. But I'd like it to be able to raise money for a children's cancer charity.

I have two venues in mind, firstly the Hampshire Bowman for the daytime gathering and fundraising of some kind, there is LOTS of room for parking (cars in the end field and bikes on the harder standing at the front).

The second venue would hopefully be the Fox & Hounds in Fair Oak a 7.4 mile ride away for evening drinks and camping shenanigans. ( they're biker friendly as the Southampton MAG meet there and held their Thumb up the bum rally there).

I have to talk to the two landlords first obviously but would like help and advice on the best way to hold an event and raise the money for the charity. Is there anything important I should be taking into consideration?

All help and advice greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Deleted Member @ 02/04/2021 19:32  

Keep all payments and paperwork in order there will be comments made at some point over the accounts

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JP @ 02/04/2021 19:38  

Thanks JP, is this a common thing or personal experience?

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Deleted Member @ 03/04/2021 12:23  

Can be common but there always 1 who will question every move you make and want to see the figger's. Yes we had it at the 1st BM Kiss rally back in 2011 we were asked plenty and made sure we had it all in order every detail was kept and all costs were kept on paper. Also make sure any venues used have public liability Insurance.

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JP @ 03/04/2021 16:03  

Good luck with this, hope it all works out for you

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MAC IoM @ 04/04/2021 12:56  

I've organised more than a few, ranging from vintage camping weekends to a 60th anniversary of my club with over a thousand attending.

First, you need to get the "Five B's" right; Beer, Bands, Bogs, Burgers, Bins. Not necessarily in that order, but that's what most people will either remember if they're good or moan about if they're bad.

Beer; easy, you're doing this at a pub so if it goes wrong it ain't your fault, though you will still get the blame for it. Real ale and cider is a must, ignore the whiners who think it should be a pound a pint cos it's a bike rally. Institute a strict rule that you don't take your own booze into the pub, and enforce it; those whiners are the same cheapskates who will do just that, and if it pisses the landlord off (as it will) you'll lose the venue and fuck it for everyone else.

Bands; subjective of course, you will never please everyone but remember that cheap don't always mean good and vice versa. And allow for somewhere folk can go under cover and talk if either the band doesn't suit them or it's too loud.

Bogs; enough portaloos to stop the dirty fuckers (of which every rally has a few) shitting in the field, positioned downwind if at all possible. If the pub can offer all night toilets (ask) that's bonus.

Burgers; offer a variety of food if you can. Your outside caterer pays YOU not the other way round, unless the pub is doing the food; you need to offer some sort of grazing after the bar has shut if the landlord is agreeable. Veggie/vegan options a must these days, coffee van is a popular touch and get an ice cream van to call in the afternoon.

Bins; enough around the site, and a skip. Keep them emptied, make sure everyone gets a bin bag in the welcome pack and also make sure you have enough volunteers to leave the site BETTER than you found it; that should always be your aim anyway.

That will do for now, the rest is window dressing.

One final point which EVERY rally organiser learns the hard way; you can never please all the people all the time, and some attend rallies simply in order to be displeased.

Best of luck.

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Deleted Member @ 05/04/2021 09:05  

Thank you 1972xlch. Just to clarify, this will not be a rally but a day time family event showing classics and customs with a raffle to raise money for the charity. The after party will be held at another pub with camping for one night and an events room/hall for a bit of a boogie before the pub closes. I shall certainly take on board all your advice though so thank you for that.

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Deleted Member @ 06/04/2021 07:44  

For the camping part, it might be worth getting advice from the local fire station if you need you to do anything/ have any equipment to e.g. type of hydrant for a burning fat/ nylon fire, spacing of tents, capacity, and if your preferred arranging of tents suitable e.g. i think a circle is nice with a fire in the middle. Is the field owner OK with that. Get in writing when you pay with their signature on it. Theres nothing worse than having someone go back on something 5 mins before everyone's due to arrive. Also of course you need to beware the possibility another lock down. Make sure your insurance will cover booking costs if the owner applies full charge. If the field owner says; ooooh don't worry about, we'll deal with that when.we get there, ask to sign a booking sheet with dates, purpose, max n of attendee incl bikers + man n bikes and sides cars and cars, tents, camp fire, and schedule of fees for cancellation. Also list who is providing loos abd how many and where e.g. use of farm house, 20 portaloos, the briary ditch + who is responsible for clean up. E.g. you could try for but unlikely to get

100% refund in event of a government restriction

But be prepared for like

100% refund with 3 months notification
50% with 1 months notification
25% with. 2 weeks notification

within 2 weeks of email sending of cancellation by the booker to the owner's email address at: (tbc)

The owner is required to update the booker of any change in cancellation before the event.

(Check it works and you get a response before you pay)

Which of course you have take into account in your planning and charging scheme to attendees. Its notable that as organisations are invariably slower to refund than to charge, you might account for this in your phraseology to attendees.

E.g. In the event of any restrictions on attendence or the event going ahead, refunds will/ will not be offered:

(Whatever you've agreed with the owner)

within 2 weeks of organiser's receipt of refund from the site owner.

I know that's of tedious bugaloopaper, buts it muuuch better to set out for all to see before they book rather than having a witchhunt if things went pear shaped and you hadnt statements to that effect.

Best of luck. Don't forget to remind everyone to bring a loo roll, tea and coffee and some stuff for their dinner and breaky. Or maybe your organising a hotdog van. Personally i looooove hotdogs and burgers for those roadside vans. Perhaps it cos you only let stop after a but and you're ready for a nice cuppa and a bite. Mmm. Last i had such i'd left a new age green hippy fest in cornwall whete it rain heavily on my motorway setvuce station £10 tent which let my leathers soak up a pool of water. It was 70 mls b4 i found that burger van. It kind of appeared on the horizon with angelic chorus. Or maybe that was just the squeaking of wet wind blown leather. Brrr.


Thank you 1972xlch. Just to clarify, this will not be a rally but a day time family event showing classics and customs with a raffle to raise money for the charity. The after party will be held at ano...

For the camping bit

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Declan @ 11/04/2021 13:58  

Good advice Declan but where's the originator of the topic gone, just fishing for ideas do you think

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Bikeabill @ 11/04/2021 16:46  

Perhaps it dawned on him that it ain't as easy as most folk think! Especially if you've got two sites to oversee; not sure I'd want to do that.

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Deleted Member @ 11/04/2021 19:16  

It sounds odd having a show at one site and camping at another

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Bikeabill @ 11/04/2021 23:05  

Just fir info.....

He's deleted his profile and "left the building'......genuine reasons

Still organising this event.

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Deleted Member @ 13/04/2021 22:51  

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