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General Chat/Anything Goes

where will you visit once lockdown ends ?

where will you visit once lockdown ends ? - Forums [Biker Match] where will you visit once lockdown ends ? - Forums [Biker Match]
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where will you visit once lockdown ends ?

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being a bit nosey tbh just wondering where folk are planning on going once lockdown ends . Im not one for going abroad anyway so I wont be planning a foreign holiday but a nice trip to the lakes , Dales, coast or somewhere like fountains abbey would do the trick . Wouldnt mind a trip to Scotland too once we are allowed over the border again .
Lets hope the weather is as good as last year .

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Polly125new @ 05/03/2021 16:43  

I'm with you on not being bothered about going abroad Polly, there are loads of places to explore in the UK first. A nice run to the coast sounds like a good starting point when it is safe to do so🏖️

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Strom67 @ 05/03/2021 18:17  

Is that when they let us out?
Or when they let us out out?

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Cupid Stunt @ 05/03/2021 19:16  

I’m out next week have a plan for Friday. So looking forward for a few reasons.

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Deleted Member @ 05/03/2021 22:37  

I shall take a 'ride out' to my motorcycle shop soon!- that's always a good run for me on my bike! I bought my motorbike from this place - so they keep it great order for me (servicing/mot/ fitting xstras 😊) 40 mile round trip.

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Philpot10 @ 06/03/2021 00:28  

10 x of us booked for North Wales, then some will go home while 4 or 5 of us will head on to South Wales, Cornwall, along the coast to Kent somewhere, then up through Kent, Essex and home to North Norfolk, couple of weeks thereabouts, 👍🏍️

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nogginthenog @ 06/03/2021 01:42  

Apart from the nearest pub, Scotland beckons, got a ferry booked to Rotterdam in September, Germany maybe Poland

   Update Reply
peter1200gs @ 06/03/2021 07:21  

Scarborough for a coffee and a bit of cake to start , and like people say lots of lovely places in this country so Yorkshire dales then up into Scotland do a bit of the west coast

   Update Reply
windy1960 @ 06/03/2021 07:40  

it will just be nice to get out again , ( freedom )

   Update Reply
baxi @ 06/03/2021 10:36  

Hopefully Yorkshire Dales, ice-cream from G&T's Ice Cream shop and then up to Scotland all being well. 👍🏻😁

Lots of wilderness I hope 🤞🏻

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Lindsay @ 07/03/2021 21:43  

were going down the pub !

   Update Reply
dennyboo @ 07/03/2021 21:52  

come on who sang it ?

   Update Reply
dennyboo @ 07/03/2021 21:59  

Was it Sham69.

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Deleted Member @ 07/03/2021 22:09  

clever dick

   Update Reply
dennyboo @ 07/03/2021 22:11  

You did ask Moustapha.

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Deleted Member @ 07/03/2021 22:14  


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dennyboo @ 07/03/2021 23:14  

I.O.M..July...Southern 100 road any BM camping weekends i can get to..will just be more riding,as i've been working all the way through Covid...:)>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 08/03/2021 06:32  

Anywhere the sun is out

   Update Reply
Largevikng @ 08/03/2021 20:43  

And the odd Martian.

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Deleted Member @ 10/03/2021 19:29  

Who's this bloke Martin??

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 12/03/2021 09:55  

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