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Riding in France

Riding in France - Forums [Biker Match] Riding in France - Forums [Biker Match]
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Riding in France

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Even more reasons to avoid France............
I Hope our lot have more sense.
Thousands of motorcyclists turned out at the weekend to support the motorcycle group La Federation Francaise En Colère and protest against the ban on motorcycles filtering through traffic. In France, starting from the 1st of February, motorcycles are not allowed to filter between lanes of stationary traffic when trapped in a traffic jam. The fine for doing this is now 135 Euros and three points on your licence.
This new law has come out of a trial to test the safety of filtering, which has been taking place in three areas in France. The government has decided that it is not safe so has now banned it by law. Technically this is not actually a new decision, as it has only been legal on some roads since 2016 as part of the trial, whilst already being illegal most roads. However in reality many motorcyclists will weave their way through trapped traffic when the opportunity presents itself.
The trial was to determine whether the practice should be legalised and written into law in the French Highway Code, but the powers that be have decided not to legalise it and motorcycles are now expected to behave like cars and wait in the queue.
This does not sit kindly with many French motorcyclists who descended on Paris, Toulouse, Lyon and Lille amongst other cities, en masse at the weekend, to protest against this decision. Although technically illegal, many motorcyclists have been habitually wiggling through the traffic when there's a jam and thinking of it as one of the advantages of two wheels over four that they can get through the gaps and shorten their journey time. Now the fear is in France that the blind eye will no longer be turned and it will be strictly enforced going forward, hence the protest.
Here in the UK motorcycle lane filtering is legal and is considered to have benefits such as saving journey time and fuel, and reducing overall traffic congestion as motorcycles are through and away, not stationary pumping out fumes like the cars.
So how do you feel about lane filtering? Is it something you do when riding in heavy traffic on your bike, or do you think it is too dangerous and side with the French traffic department in thinking it should be banned?

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rocker21 @ 01/03/2021 11:13  

If it's done with caution no problem.The french say no more.

   Update Reply
GL Blue @ 01/03/2021 14:05  

The French have a Highway Code? 😯😯😯

   Update Reply
NickEyres @ 01/03/2021 15:17  

In fairness,when i took Rudolph across to France,if you avoid as many large cities as possible,the French are far better about motorcycle awareness than us...and the only truly stupid and dangerous manouvres in 1500 miles were performed by cars with GB towing a caravan,almost inevitably.,lol
Worst part of whole holiday was working my way around that 6 lane car park,the M25 Southern Half..

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jinx57 @ 01/03/2021 18:15  

Filtering is fine if exercised with absolute caution. I have had drivers verbally abuse me and my immediate response is; if I were in a car the queue you are in would be longer' which sums it up completely. The French investigation was very limited and the decision should be overturned. I was cautioned by friends when last in Germany..5 years or so be careful if filtering as a lot of car drivers will submit video of bikes numberplate to the far as french authorities go..its a money raiser.

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Kawasakitrev1 @ 01/03/2021 21:57  

Never mind the filtering, how about making tailgating and overtaking as close as possible and then cutting up. As someone said above, most french drivers are more aware of bikes and do move to let bikers filter on by. And as said above, most that don’t as you get nearer the ports at GB badged.
My little group are giving euro runs a rest for a couple of years. Going to pump our dish back into the U.K. economy.

   Update Reply
K12s @ 02/03/2021 06:44  

Yes - to filtering with caution, yes - it does reduce the traffic, yes - it does lower emissions and shorten the journey, true - it creates new cash-cow for the cops, yes - it takes even more of our freedom and NO to the ban under any circumstances!
In the UK it is getting silly enough with speed reduction to 20 miles on the roads where it doesn't make any sense and constant 'road blocks' pretending to be road works. Hence slowing down traffic even more and causing greater congestion, which later can be used as an excuse to introduce new congestion areas and rake the price to enter those.
I'm not converting to bicycle!

   Update Reply
Igytom @ 03/03/2021 16:17  

French, British or any other nationality can surely see that there is no sense in making traffic queues longer by adding motorcycles to the explanation has to be anti-motorcycle (for whatever reason that may be); if filtering per se is actually to be a 'reasoned' policy, then, logically, bicycles would also not be allowed to filter through traffic.

   Update Reply
Gallowglass @ 05/03/2021 08:59  

I've always filtered in traffic but some bikers do go to fast and it makes me cringe, it people like that that will get it banned, as for France I've always enjoyed riding over there and found them great and the police most helpful, be nice to get over to the Alps again

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 18/03/2021 11:06  

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