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Breakdown Insurance

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Breakdown Insurance

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In the forlorn hope that if lockdown is slowly eased over the next few months and I actually get to ride the Strom further than the chemists, having just discovered that my roadside assistance ran out last August (congratulations AA for no reminder!) can anyone recommend a good policy.

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Strom67 @ 19/02/2021 13:40  

Most insurance companies will offer it as an add-on when you renew your policy.
Personally, I turn them down and stick to the AA.
The AA were the only group who do breakdown regardless of age of bike. So all my bikes covered on a driver policy.......
And my car on the same policy!

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Cupid Stunt @ 19/02/2021 13:54  

Thanks Nick

Have just been looking at Green Flag but they charge you mileage for anything over 10 miles to a garage!!! Wouldn't want to get a puncture doing the North Coast 500! Are there any issues with AA other than not telling me my policy had run out?

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Strom67 @ 19/02/2021 13:59  

No issues I've had Strom
I keep up via their app and email and they seem to do what they say on the tin
They do give a range of options for cover which affects the price of course. Pricier than Green Flag, but GF wont cover my vintage bikes.....

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Cupid Stunt @ 19/02/2021 14:43  

I'm the same has Nick. I'm with the AA and pay via Direct Debit, new card always comes a month before with a letter telling me how much and when they are taking the money and covers me for home start, roadside and recovery whatever vehicle I'm on (even a car if I lower myself to that standard).
With my bikes being on different policies one does come with breakdown cover and recovery to the nearest garage within so many miles, so a waste of time if stuck 200 miles from home on a bank holiday.

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Ragnar @ 19/02/2021 15:06  

Cheers Ragnar, I think the reason I wasn't contacted last August was due to the policy being a new bike freebie! Just concerned about what would happen with punctures having already had one recently?

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Strom67 @ 19/02/2021 16:30  

Think you'll find your tyre will go flat,in my experience...also,as none of my bikes are newer than 1999,Green Flag 'forgot' to tell me that i was no longer covered for anything over 10 years old,car or with age restrictions..👍

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jinx57 @ 19/02/2021 18:09  

You could try Swinton Insurance. You don't need to be insured with them. Personally, I'm with the AA and wouldn't change. They cover my business vehicle; all my bikes; my private car and my daughters all for £6.00 per week. I'm sure you'd cover your bike for a lot less.

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Silverwing @ 19/02/2021 20:04  

Thanks for the benefit of your experience Jinx, next you'll be telling me it will only go flat at the bottom! I'll look up Gem but we've had 3 votes for AA. Cheers SW.

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Strom67 @ 19/02/2021 22:30  

Only problem i've ever had with AA (and RAC) was that they never listened...if i rang either and told them it couldn't be fixed at roadside,they would take an hour to send a 'man with van',who would promptly admit he rarely touched bikes and couldn't fix it anyway,and i would then wait another hour for a recovery wagon to turn up...i've only ever broken down in broad daylight once...any other occaision was night time(and usually raining),hopefully it's only MY luck that runs that way...happy miles..:)>

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jinx57 @ 19/02/2021 23:05  

Thanks Jinx.. I must admit I'm still a bit confused about this 10 mile rule for tows especially if you get a puncture 100 miles from the nearest bike tyre fitters. According to the T&C 's you have to carry your own tyre plug kit... you might as well fix it yourself!

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Strom67 @ 22/02/2021 04:16  

(congratulations AA for no reminder!)

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Deleted Member @ 22/02/2021 07:08  

Hi, I'm with you on that jinx. I've never taken out any sort of recovery insurance. Only needed to have a machine recovered once..and that was because I was unconscious ...think of all those premiums I haven't paid...and I dont just ride locally...each to their own I suppose. ..but the insurance industry has such a bad name for a reason.🙂

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Kawasakitrev1 @ 27/02/2021 02:23  

I strayed away from AA/RAC quite a few years ago mainly because the breakdown cover with Carole Nash or Bennetts included recovery and repatriation from Europe whereas AA 5* required me to think in advance of going abroad and was well over £100 per trip. So I swap between Carole Nash and Bennetts every other year, with each putting the price up at renewal time but the other offering a discount to about the same as it was. My Buell is 19 years old now.

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Rickardo @ 15/04/2021 22:47  

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