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CBT Extension-Sign this petition

CBT Extension-Sign this petition - Forums [Biker Match] CBT Extension-Sign this petition - Forums [Biker Match]
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CBT Extension-Sign this petition

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CBT ; The expiry of CBT during lockdown and the inability to renew because of lockdown is a terrible injustice. Even the most uninformed can see the consequences of this. A simple 6 months extension or relaxation of the ban on testing would be an easily implemented solution. So sign this petition to get the motion heard in Parliament. Thankyou.

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Deleted Member @ 11/02/2021 06:40  

Signed ! I was caught in this last year , it's really frustrating and unnecessary.

I was forced back on to public transport and had to wait five months to get back on the road . It was ridiculous.

I'm now in a similar position of non progression as the riding schools are not allowed to open .

I'm just one of thousands .

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Deleted Member @ 13/02/2021 09:54  

Already signed via Visordown website..we all need to get behind this motion..👍👍

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jinx57 @ 13/02/2021 14:12  

I have signed it. Website said there were nearly 4,000 signatures so far.

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GSNige @ 13/02/2021 18:57  

Its a nightmare as a Training school owner too, believe me! The DVSA logic is that an extension is impossible to administer as it is still a manual system ie we fill in a return, send it to the DVSA who then manually input onto DVLA which can only then be used by PNC / insurers. Plans are alledgedly underway to move to an automated system like MOT's but its possibly 2 to 3 years away yet.
So, as it stands, even key and essential workers can't do cbt's and I can't see us reopening until after the Easter holidays - 6th April at a guess. I hope they see sense about test candidates whose cbt certificates have expired during lockdown but since when have the DVSA given a hoot!

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Deleted Member @ 16/02/2021 08:41  

signed it.

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Kat105 @ 19/02/2021 00:28  

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