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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Ring of Red M60

Ring of Red M60 - Forums [Biker Match] Ring of Red M60 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Ring of Red M60

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This is an event for bikers on Remembrance Sunday

every year - the next ride will be on

Sun 8th November 2020

be at Birch Services for 12 noon, leaving 1pm

The aim is to form a circle of bikers dressed in red riding CLOCKWISE around the M60 making the biggest Poppy in the World.

The ride is intended to present a physical show of support for our Armed Forces, both current and previous. Not every biker goes to a remembrance service on this day, but I do know that they Respect our armed service men and women. This is just another way of showing it.

The Ring of Red event was an idea by Julia Stevenson.

The organiser of the Ring of Red M60 Ride is Jeanette Netty Kiely, assisted by her admin team.


any queries, if you are not on facebook, please contact email:

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Ragnar @ 08/10/2020 20:02  

Latest post from organisers;

Update as is stands we are on hold for the Ring of Red M60. Next lot of Meetings will be 1st or 2nd week of October. Police and Highway's are keeping me up dated on changes as the weeks go by.
Thank you for your patience
L & R Netty 💜

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Cupid Stunt @ 09/10/2020 08:22  

Latest post from organisers 18/10/2020

As it stands we can go ahead with the ride but are not allowed to meet as a large group.
We cannot use the HGV parking area and if anyone wants a brew or loo it's to be done as a regular customer.
All bikes must adhere to social distancing and face masks is a must.
So I'll be there from 9am till 1pm to make sure we are doing as we are asked.
Merchandise is yet to be sorted.
If Manchester goes into level 3 it's definitely cancelled.
Thanks to GMP we have planned this as best we can after an hour's phone call ironing out how we could possibly do it ☺️

   Update Reply
Cupid Stunt @ 18/10/2020 10:43  

Manchester has had Tier 3 imposed so organisers have posted that this event has been cancelled

   Update Reply
Cupid Stunt @ 20/10/2020 18:14  

Posted on Rink Of Red facebook page 23/10/20

Having been sent this statement, we need to see if this means that we can still go ahead with the Ring of Red around the M25 and M60 both events at this moment are cancelled because of Covid rules.
My team and i are going to speak with relevant authorities and see if we can still go ahead to once again on remembrance Sunday make the world's largest poppy's around both motorways all wearing red.
There will be very strict rules we will have to follow with NO large gatherings. Masks WILL be worn.
If there is anyway we can pull this ride off this year we will, but we will need everyone to obey the Covid rules.
Watch this space.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 25/10/2020 12:34  

Posted on Ring of Red facebook page 30/10/20

Ride of Respect have to announce: due to circumstances beyond our control, and with a heavy heart, we sadly have to cancel the Ride of Respect, Ring of Red on the 8th Nov.
Edited: Julia Stevenson asked me to to say to the bikers: please have the respect to do as we have asked as I have always been proud of every single one of them.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 31/10/2020 14:11  

Update today 31st October 2020

Could I please remind all bikers that the Ring of Red M60 is still cancelled. There will be no team members or Marshall's attending Birch Services.
It's a sad day for all of us but with more areas going into tier 3 it's just not viable.
GMP have been wonderful these past few months so don't try and blame them or myself for this unfortunate event being cancelled
Love & Respect
Jeanette Netty Kiely ❤️🖤

   Update Reply
Cupid Stunt @ 31/10/2020 15:02  

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