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Honda cd 175 1978

Honda cd 175 1978 - Forums [Biker Match] Honda cd 175 1978 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Honda cd 175 1978

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Anyone got any parts for one of these? Restoring the one I've had for years . Thanks in advance

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Will99 @ 07/10/2020 08:37  

Try David Silver Spares,large stock of older stuff from 60's onwards...think Armours of Brighton used to do exhausts for CD's...good hunting...had a few CD's on the past,fond memories..

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jinx57 @ 08/10/2020 11:17  

Hi, I've used silvers , still do , the parts I need aren't available , the little rubber mountings under the rear indicators and all the little fiddly bits you struggle to get is what I'm after

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Will99 @ 10/10/2020 12:33  

From what i can remember some parts like you are looking for were not exclusive to that model , as with most bikes you can find parts that fit on various similar models. You could try asking on owners club sites.

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Deleted Member @ 10/10/2020 14:14  

Try phoning
Startright Motorcycles, Leeds

0113 245 3643

They have lots of stuff squirrelled away. You never know.

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Lindsay @ 10/10/2020 19:33  

That's a thought , I'll be give it a go , cheers!

   Update Reply
Will99 @ 12/10/2020 22:27  

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