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Technical Motorbike Help

Well that's a weird one

Well that's a weird one - Forums [Biker Match] Well that's a weird one - Forums [Biker Match]
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Well that's a weird one

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The ignition on my gpz 500s keeps going dead and the engine dies .
if i turn my lights on , hey presto the ignition comes back on and the bike fires up fine .
very confusing ,

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NorfolkNgood @ 11/07/2020 19:31  

Shorting out due to corrosion in a connector block by the sound of it?...pull the tank and seat off,then pull each connector block apart ,blast of WD40 or similar, looking out for any green furry ones...ditto check both ends of both leads to battery...same with switchgear...sunday morning job..👍👍

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jinx57 @ 11/07/2020 19:54  

Thanks already tried that today , it's something to do with handle bar switch .

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NorfolkNgood @ 11/07/2020 20:31  

Side stand cut out switch..I think this machine has one. They sit out in the grime and vibration and seldom get a look at..short out the terminals/connectors and try a whizz round the sure to remember its disconnected and see if that cures it. Make sure to Reconnect after your test 😌

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Deleted Member @ 12/07/2020 07:25  

With lights you mean headlights? Don't they come on automatic when ignition is on?

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TheSlasher @ 12/07/2020 07:30  

Not all bikes lights switch on when ignition is turned on and i know the gpz500s is one of those, it has a on/off switch. He needs to dismantle the switchgear and clean up the terminals and as trev says also the sidestand switch,

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Deleted Member @ 12/07/2020 08:13  

Thanks for the replies . i will check the side stand switch later this afternoon , and let you know the result .Adie

   Update Reply
NorfolkNgood @ 12/07/2020 13:38  

Ah well it's not the side stand switch ,

   Update Reply
NorfolkNgood @ 12/07/2020 16:11  

To me it's sounds like a wire shorting out in the switch gear or the wiring from the ignition to the switch gear.

If you can't see anything amiss within the switch gear do what Jinx's says and make it swim in WD40

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 12/07/2020 16:26  

Well at least you are eliminating things which is the only way with intermittent faults..It could be an earth strap failure..unbolt, clean up the contact surfaces and reattach with a bit of grease....then another test ride to see if that solves it 🙄..good luck..

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Deleted Member @ 12/07/2020 18:20  

At the moment ,it's not running long enough for a test ride , i will get there with it though . it's definitely a short somewhere, i have ordered some contact cleaner to see if that does any good .

   Update Reply
NorfolkNgood @ 12/07/2020 22:03  

It may have a tilt switch under the seat. Easy to find it has UP printed on it.

   Update Reply
JP @ 13/07/2020 07:38  

Think it's sorted now , it was the main 30 amp fuse in the solenoid main electrics connector . when the fuse got hot it was separating from the pin one end and killing the bike ,seems to be fine now ,
thanks for all the suggestions guys .

   Update Reply
NorfolkNgood @ 13/07/2020 18:48  

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