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Having a nosey moment ;-)

Having a nosey moment ;-) - Forums [Biker Match] Having a nosey moment ;-) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Having a nosey moment ;-)

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What got you in to bikes?
Family members, or just decided one day to take the test?

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Deleted Member @ 20/06/2020 15:16  

My Dad didn't own a car until the 70's ,had a Triumph Tiger 110 with a double adult sidecar,Mum used to ride a BSA Bantam,and all my older cousins and uncles were rockers,greasers,greebos...pre destined i reckon...:)>

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jinx57 @ 20/06/2020 16:31  

I am the first biker in the family, just saw an R90S in 1974 and thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen- got on the road on a 50cc moped as soon as I legally could and have never been off two wheels since. Although the engines have got a little larger over the years...!

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Gallowglass @ 20/06/2020 16:41  

CHiP’s and Streethawk 😂

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Bluey1450 @ 20/06/2020 16:59  

Seeing both brothers on bikes from a young age

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Ragnar @ 20/06/2020 17:10  

My late dad used to be a board rider, aka Wall of Death, as well as a dispatch rider in the Army. It's in my blood. 😁

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Sandi @ 20/06/2020 17:39  

My brother... In the 80s.... I always was a tomboy lol

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TheSlasher @ 20/06/2020 18:10  

Definitely my Dad.

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Fozzy1964 @ 20/06/2020 18:13  

The girl next door was going out with a Rocker/Greaser around 1970, he had a Triton and that was the start of it for me.
Bas*ards introduced the moped law in 71 I think it was, the longest 3/4 years I've ever experienced.
TBH I said at the time I'll never have a moped, but come 16 I gave in with a KTM (No Fizzy for me, no siree!!! 😎).

Never got a Triton in the end, but did race against Mr Triton (Dave Degens/Dresda.) loads in later years.

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invalid characters @ 20/06/2020 18:14  

Into bikes from an early age lived in Scarborough and went to the races from being about 5. Rode field bikes and then first moped at 16 . Rode in all weathers back in the day . Last few years i ride only a few times a year need to get that sorted 🙃

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Simon1965 @ 20/06/2020 18:59  

Bit similiar to Jinx.
My dad was a fifties rocker, with all the Brit bikes. In the 50's/60's my dad on the bike, ma on the back with her head scarf. They went all over with my auntie, uncle and friends on holidays. Then me and my brother came along in the 60's and we were put into a bushman sidecar 😁

My brother got into bikes first, then when moving from a 50 to a 250 he sold me his (had to be) a fizzy 50 and that's how it all begun 😎

Never looked back since 👍

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yorkie mick @ 20/06/2020 19:06  

Through Sailing! Once at the London Boat Show there was a bike to sit on for some reason. That kindled an interest, which remained in the background for many years until a few other members of my group of friends at a sailing club had bikes and them gong off for rides around the North Pennines and Northumberland prompted me (and later another fiend there) to have lessons for direct access and buy a bike in '99 (Suzuki GSX600F).

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MikeBiker @ 20/06/2020 19:52  

Dad rode bikes in the Army and taught me the mechanics of them from an early age. Passed my test when I was 16 and have been on them since.

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Deleted Member @ 20/06/2020 20:26  

I'm similar to Jinks as well, Dad had a Triumph Thunderbird and sidecar, I was on the Pilly from around 7ish but seamed to spend a lot of my time stood on the seat!! Sisters boyfriends had bikes to so as soon as l could I got a scrap d125 scooter made it work then swooped it for a Airel Arrow then a Norton ES2 with a sidecar that you could ride on l plates them, past my test and had a lot of BSA A10 which I kept blowing up and falling of. Then I built a Triton and used that solo summer and with a Steib sidecar in winter, after tuneing it I raced it, so that's part one part 2,3 and 4 will come later

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Bikeabill @ 20/06/2020 21:11  

None of my family were interested in road bikes. I had an ATV trike when i was 8, great fun, hellish for tipping, then moved to quads. Then boyfriend had a bike, went pillion, then decided he was going to slow, and went for my test- never looked back. :-)

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Deleted Member @ 20/06/2020 23:00  

Lol at TLF's comment, boyfriend going too slow 🤣

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Sandi @ 21/06/2020 14:14  

Mother and father both hard core bikers. Ride to work on bikes every day, my dad would even ride to work in the snow on his bike. I was the first in our family to have a car at 17, but I had a CD200 Benley too.

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aozorasan @ 23/06/2020 11:14  

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