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Cleaning products

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Hi everyone fairly new here joined in the week was wondering what products everyone uses to clean and shine their bikes. After a days ride I use a product which is really good for getting rid of the bugs which I also use on my lorry windscreen called fly away made by Chrome is really good at shifting those stuck on bugs.

Thanks all

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Deleted Member @ 13/06/2020 19:33  

A Karcher to loosen most stuff,especially around engine/exhaust...amazing how many tiny crevices your fingers can't get into,lol...don't forget to stick an old rubber glove over end can !!
Most of my bikes have Stainless steel exhausts,so just old tshirts torn into strips and Solvol Autosol..
Paintwork just hot water,then VW/Audi wax polish to shine(cheaper than some,better than most) car gets washed when it rains...:)>
Oh,nearly forgot,NEVER throw away old toothbrushes...great for spoked wheels and awkward corners..:)>

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jinx57 @ 13/06/2020 22:37  

Bucket of warm water, simoniz car wash and wax and sponge and some elbow grease. Thats it.

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Deleted Member @ 13/06/2020 22:48  

Lots of stuff out in the market place but not seen fly away truck screens are a bitch to clean unless your 9ft tall

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JP @ 14/06/2020 19:41  

Jp they aren’t to bad if you have steps on the front that pull out like I do on my Volvo lol the fly away product by Crome is purple liquid works really well most truck parks and shell garages sell the Crome products

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Deleted Member @ 15/06/2020 17:36  

Becky I drive an MAN so screen is a pain in the ass as you only got the bumper step which don't give much access I will have to keep an eye out for some thanks for the info I find it helps if we can see where we are going and who we are crashing into lol

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JP @ 15/06/2020 18:05  

My Bro used to use Autosol for his chrome by applying it with his hand. Let it dry a little then polished it off with a duster or bit of old rag. Used to mess his hands up I can tell you. His theory that putting it on by hand was more purer and the cream didn't soak into the cloth during application?

I used to like the Autosol cream too in a can, rather than the tube version. Don't use it much now, as it takes me a at least 2-4 hours polishing to do a full job and I can't be bothered . But oh that smell brings back the memories 😁 70's

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yorkie mick @ 15/06/2020 18:34  

Ah I see the problem jp lol the windscreens are massive on MAN trucks as well. Yorkie Mick I’ve never seen the can version of autosol I quite like the Mother’s metal polish and the Meguairs one is also good don’t have any shiny metal to polish on my current bike though lol.

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Deleted Member @ 16/06/2020 07:28  

spray down with a hose then i use a product called *clean my ride* great stuff to use

   Update Reply
eastanglianbiker @ 28/06/2020 01:03  

Becky I still have a couple of old tins of cream Autosol somewhere?
Not sure they still sell it though 🤔

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yorkie mick @ 28/06/2020 16:09  

Don't discount simple old soaking? Wet cloth laid over body panels/windshields for a few minutes before washing off. Bugs and splatters just wash away so much easier with no more than soapy water. Saves mucho picking and rubbing which just makes scratch marks.

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Deleted Member @ 29/06/2020 13:04  

Hiya new on here, I use a product called Greased Lightening, does an excellent job on paint, chrome and perspex if you have a screen, a little goes a long way.
Put it on wipe it off, showroom shine.

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Deleted Member @ 29/06/2020 21:47  

JP, extendable handle window cleaning brush, very lightweight, also has rubber edge, like window cleaners use. The brush head tilts.
I used to use mine on my house windows, but I live in a first floor flat and it doesn't go that far, plus my neighbour has fenced off my, and window cleaners, access to windows.(Don't ask!)

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 30/06/2020 09:14  

I know the ones you mean Sandie but they are too soft to get bugs and road grease off truck screens

   Update Reply
JP @ 30/06/2020 18:17  

Aww, that's a shame JP.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 01/07/2020 09:59  

I use Autoglym. First wash with 'shampoo', then rinse with plain water, then polish with 'resin polisher', then do plastics with 'vinyl and rubber' (or plastic and trim). I've done bare metal with autoglym metal polish in the past, but these days I don't bother.

On a tangential note ... I spray my engine (liberally) with GT85 after every ride in summer and do a couple of treatments with ACF50 in the winter. But, after (recently) watching the test done by Bennets social (watch it here:, I'm thinking of switching to FS365 for winter treatment.

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Deleted Member @ 02/07/2020 15:29  

Pressure washer and tfr, in the winter just to get the salt off, if I can be bothered, and that is not often, rain does a pretty good job, I can’t see it when I am riding it anyway, and it don’t make it go any better.
Rather ride em than clean em.

   Update Reply
Tezza1958 @ 02/07/2020 15:51  

I ride 'em AND clean 'em. Maybe I'm weird, but I kinda like cleaning 'em.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 02/07/2020 17:16  

That weird you cleaned yourself off the site. Lol.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 02/07/2020 19:32  

He must have got in the way of my pressure washer

   Update Reply
Tezza1958 @ 03/07/2020 18:33  

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