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Event Calendar Download - Forums [Biker Match] Event Calendar Download - Forums [Biker Match]
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Event Calendar Download

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Please can you help? and apologies if i have missed, it i have had a look but could not find what i was looking for.
the events pages is great, however i would love to be able to import the calendar into my calendar app. This makes planning the year ahead - life after lockdown much easier when i can see everything all at once.


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Kracken @ 12/04/2020 08:20  

Hi Mate

If you click at the top left on MENU.
Then click on EVENTS.
And then on ADD YOUR EVENT.
Fill in the details and submit it

Hope this helps

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Ragnar @ 12/04/2020 09:25  

Hi Rags does he want to transfer our calendar to his computer which I'd of thought was a cut and paste job

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Bikeabill @ 12/04/2020 10:12  

You're right Bill, I didn't read it properly.
I saw the Download and thought he wanted to add the music event

Sorry Kracken I don't have a clue

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Ragnar @ 12/04/2020 10:17  

Lmao, Download is CANCELLED 😲

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Lindsay @ 12/04/2020 10:57  

Hello Kracken
Best ask the boss, Matt. Message him thro the staff contact, scroll down and click on the envelope in the blue Square, then choose website problem.

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Sandi @ 12/04/2020 10:57  

I've managed to share the calendar by email but unsure of how to proceed after that.

Open calendar
Show the year 2020
Hit the black profile button on top right
Choose method (I choose email)
Add email address

It came through really quickly.
There must be some way of getting info to merge. I'm on mobi so with have a look when on lappy.

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Lindsay @ 12/04/2020 11:07  

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