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Nods gone missing

Nods gone missing - Forums [Biker Match] Nods gone missing - Forums [Biker Match]
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Nods gone missing

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It's happening again my nods are going missing, received one on the 22/3 but not received the last one this has happened to me before could it be someone that's been removed or is it a problem, who else has this happened to

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Bikeabill @ 07/04/2020 22:11  

It's happened to me, turns out the lady?? Had been deleted

   Update Reply
rocker21 @ 07/04/2020 22:16  

Well I whish they could tell us this so we know what's going on

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 07/04/2020 23:02  

Bill...………..seems we are here yet again.
Tonight I had a nod notified and when I looked it wasn't there
Personally I think it's the management getting their own back on those who dared to criticise the site on previous posts. LOL

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Deleted Member @ 07/04/2020 23:07  

Us criticise, it's just healthy discussion, I sometimes think if it wasn't for the same few of us there'd hardly be any forum posts on here

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 08/04/2020 03:24  

If a member is deleted or they delete there profile all messages nods disappear. All that stays is there forum post showing as. (deleted member) they were probably scammers

   Update Reply
JP @ 08/04/2020 05:59  

Bill, even if you got the nod, if it didn't accompany an explanatory PM, how would you know the sender's reason for nodding?
The nod has got to be the most confusing communication tool EVER 🥴

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 08/04/2020 08:22  

To me Sandi it's a invite to chat, but JP when you get a email telling you there is a nod and you find nothing it can be annoying, if it said they were deleted that would be ok

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 08/04/2020 11:01  

I received an email saying you have a nod looked and nothing.

   Update Reply
GL Blue @ 08/04/2020 11:09  

there has been a lot of scammers of late, some very nice looking pics, but they were not real, did a search on the pics and everyone was of someone else, these were reported and then deleted, but in the time it took that to happen a lot of them had sent nods, so you got the email but when you looked someone like rags had deleted them.

   Update Reply
rocker21 @ 08/04/2020 14:05  

I've experienced this issue too, so can back up what everybody is saying.

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yorkie mick @ 08/04/2020 14:06  

Bill all I can say is you didn't miss anything lol. If you were to message then all you will get back is I am a standard members and cant message you we can chat on sendmeyourbankdetails @ You've been

   Update Reply
JP @ 08/04/2020 14:20  

Joking apart, as well as non existent nods,I have also received PMs from young ladies in their 30s who, apparently find me staggeringly attractive, and for a laugh I have replied only to get an obviously cut and pasted response a bit like those frightfully attractive Russian ladies who find pensionable English men hugely desirable.
I would urge all our members (and I use that term advisedly) to exercise extreme caution when nodded at by strangers as Covid 19 is very contagious.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 08/04/2020 14:28  

gbear they may know something about you that we don't know.
Like having a sugar daddy yacht down in Monaco 😂🤔😛🤭

   Update Reply
yorkie mick @ 08/04/2020 14:44  

I've got 2 boats Mick. LOL

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 08/04/2020 14:49  

@gbear 👍😁 Love it 😂

   Update Reply
yorkie mick @ 08/04/2020 15:08  

But the thing is you don't know it's a delated member, it could be some one genuine trying to get in touch with you, so why can't we have a message saying delated member just to clear things up

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 08/04/2020 17:04  

Bear, do you put them both in the bath at the same time?


Quote: gbear
I've got 2 boats Mick. LOL...

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 08/04/2020 22:44  

If I put them in the bath there wouldn't be room for me Sandi
Could always try a swimming pool though

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 08/04/2020 23:37  

I have been nod a couple of times & they have disappeared also the person can not be found in a search or text sent from or to me from them if they remove there account then will all records be removed next question if I received a text a nod if you block that person can they communicate with a new name on here (found out with a new name they can contact you again)


4 times I have been nod they have all been a wind-ups somebody types all nice to you so you reply a few times then they delete their account & the nods disappeared, next woman to nod me will get a rude remark then blocked

   Update Reply
póg mo thóin @ 28/07/2020 03:51  

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