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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Rules on hosting an event

Rules on hosting an event - Forums [Biker Match] Rules on hosting an event - Forums [Biker Match]
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Rules on hosting an event

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What's rules on organizing an event are there a maximum amount of miles does route have to be checked by someone first what about insurances there so many questions where does one start has anyone else arranged an event what was your experience from it is it a lot of trouble ? Or well worth it ??

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Deleted Member @ 14/03/2020 20:48  

It's a all lot of work with little thanks and there's always someone complaining but I find it satisfing, no rules on inviting people to ride with you or joining you at a camp site but if something goes wrong you might find someone trying to claim from you, if it's a BM event your organising I'm not sure this is something I'm trying to get clarification on, when it comes to rally's there's a whole host of things you have to comply with which our events team can advise you on

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Bikeabill @ 15/03/2020 01:59  

Wait till monday they may read then and reply

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Deleted Member @ 15/03/2020 13:30  

At this moment BJ is seeking legal advice so it could take a few days but she will post as soon as she has any info

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JP @ 15/03/2020 13:36  

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