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Yorkshire Pudding Rally

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Yorkshire Pudding Rally

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Why do we have 2 Yorkshire Pudding rally's listed in the event's calender one on July 31st/2nd Aug. with one person going and one on July 31st/2nd Nov. with eight people going, obviously the longer three month rally is preferred but I might struggle to get 3 months of food, beer and clothes on my Fireblade. I think these need amending

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Bikeabill @ 11/03/2020 00:51  

Weird, all I get is the map... ??!
The actual events take ages to load. When I've looked for YP I'm not on it as attending but I'm sure I was and I think I originally posted it 🙄🤔.

Just wondering if events are now being added only by Team Members?

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Lindsay @ 12/03/2020 10:18  

Only the calendar admin can add them

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JP @ 12/03/2020 16:47  

Lindsay your listed as going to the 3 months long Y P R so you had better take plenty of clean nickers

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Bikeabill @ 12/03/2020 19:37  

I can't even find it on the Events Calendar. Not even for the right amount of days .. confused is me!

Although from my profile 'events I'm attending calendar' it was showing.
The three months long event must have been my error (sorry guys!) as I submitted it, although it wasn't picked up prior to being added. I have managed to delete myself but God only knows why I can't see it through the Events Calendar.

Thanks JP, so are members still able to submit or are admin solely finding n adding to the calendar?

If I do ever find the correct YP on the calendar I will add myself.

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Lindsay @ 12/03/2020 22:29  

There are quite a few duplicated events...... and a lot missing, nearly every one I'm going to 😂😂

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Jollyrambler @ 12/03/2020 23:13  

Well I can find them both listed on the 31st July on my phone

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Bikeabill @ 12/03/2020 23:32  

I shouldn't worry too much as i have a feeling a lot of the bigger rallys will get cancelled or postponed

   Update Reply
JP @ 13/03/2020 12:49  

It's still on at the moment, as per last update on 26.04.20.

Watch this space 👀

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 13/05/2020 23:11  

I'm going but not even on my events list.... see you all there hopefully!!

   Update Reply
Kawi10R @ 13/06/2020 08:29  

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