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Keeway Superlight 125

Keeway Superlight 125 - Forums [Biker Match] Keeway Superlight 125 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Keeway Superlight 125

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Hi, I really fancy one of these to learn on. Any experience of them?
My research suggests I should change the tyres and headlamp bulb, and possibly mirrors. (Which I'm happy to do - I'd rather know what to expect than surprises.) Cheers.

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Beerygilly @ 10/03/2020 13:27  

Hey, I've been riding a superlight since last August and i agree with the tyres and bulb but i havent seen the need to change the mirrors unless its for ascetics as the chrome on mine has peeled away from the wind but they still work. The main thing I'll say about the bike is its happy upto 56mph but u really gotta push it further and its generally a heavy bike for a 125 so you might need help putting it in van or something if need be. Except from that ive had no issues

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Macmarshall1999 @ 15/05/2020 16:33  

Don't do it.
Spend the money at a training school, using their bikes and get your full licence. You will be far safer on the road and can then invest in a bike. The cost will be about the same.
If the mission is just to commute across town then get a used Honda or Yamaha, they will start every time and hold their value much better.

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Steve_H @ 15/05/2020 18:29  

Your not wrong Steve.

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JP @ 15/05/2020 18:38  

Sorry Beerygilly, we most likely come across as very negative to the idea but we've seen it happen before.
Slapping some L plates and trying to learn to ride without professional advice never ends well, and buying anything you need to upgrade from new can't be advised.
On the plus side there are enough folks on here that can help you get a decent bike for not much money once you're licenced.

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Steve_H @ 15/05/2020 19:15  

Your not wrong again Steve lol. As Steve said sorry if we came across as old farts but the truth is we are lol. Ok back to your post. Mirrors I can understand they maybe small or have a short stem easy fix, Head lamp bulb again probably just needs a better brighter bulb plenty on the market and again an easy fix. Tyres are strange things I can love what I ride on and say they are the best have total confidence in them, But the next guy or girl could say they are not fit for purpose and hate them so much of a personal choice with tyres. Bike choice if your planning on keeping it after you have passed you test I would go for maybe a better bike Suzuki VanVan are good you can pick 1 up for under 2 grand and there are good bikes a lot of the schools had them as they are very forgiving and and stable at low speeds or so Im told as the have nice heavy tyres that give good Gyroscopic force on slow speed turning + they will go off road lol

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JP @ 16/05/2020 08:38  

Hi ,I did my cbt in September last year and bought one the next day,it’s a great bike to learn on,I love mine! I’ve dropped her and not had a problem,she’s a brilliant little learner bike and heavy enough,get at least 2000 learner miles in before doing mod 1&2 ,that’s the advice I was given by loads of folk and so pleased I’m still doing it this way,it’s really quite daunting being out on the road alone xx good luck xx

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StaceRks125 @ 18/05/2020 04:41  

Sorry mine is a Keeway Rks125 xx

Hi ,I did my cbt in September last year and bought one the next day,it’s a great bike to learn on,I love mine! I’ve dropped her and not had a problem,she’s a brilliant little learner bike and heavy en...

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StaceRks125 @ 18/05/2020 04:42  

Many thanks for the replies - even the negative ones! In fact, I did find a Superlight just before lock down and have learnt to handle it off road. (I do have a Biker mate to help - who I met on here and a great instructor on Youtube called Motojitsu). It can be done! I completed my cbt 2 days ago after the session of road riding with an instructor who I would not recommend at all. So when they ask what I did in isolation I can say I became a biker!
As StaceRKS says it is a great learner bike - although I have adjusted a few bits to suit my small hands and short legs. The tyres seem fine (once pressure was corrected) although not tried in the wet. Headlamp is very good. Thanks for the 'learner miles' tip - that makes sense for someone with years of driving experience when there's always more to learn.
I'm a positive kinda girl ;-)

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Beerygilly @ 27/05/2020 22:52  

Well done Beergilly, enjoy your bike whatever it is. Ride safe and welcome to the group.

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Deleted Member @ 28/05/2020 10:33  

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