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Possibly the best alround bike ever?

Possibly the best alround bike ever? - Forums [Biker Match] Possibly the best alround bike ever? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Possibly the best alround bike ever?

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All bikers are searching for the ultimate ride. That machine that will do anything and go anywhere and never cause you any problems? Well I think I have found it, again. The Husqvarna Norden, 100bhp 65 mpg twin that can take you around the world (or to the shops) available later this year. Where do I sign?

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Deleted Member @ 04/02/2020 20:50  

Absolutely, that is what we all dream of..the ultimate all'e had several bikes that fit the bill..You can go almost anywhere on any machine if you give it a try..

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Deleted Member @ 05/02/2020 00:14  

Well I've found the best all rounder for me, a Fireblade, not everyone's cup of tea but for me a bog standard bike that does everything with ease,I can ride them all day with no problem, there as quick as any bike or slow enough for me to Marshall at peddle bike events on them, there's not a lot goes wrong with them and I can get all my camping gear on one, I've also so used one for riding on green lanes, perfect for me

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Bikeabill @ 05/02/2020 23:55  

Personal choice will always leave this as with tyres what I love you hate. The only reason the Gs range of bmw is so popular is they let them have them for free to do the long way round.

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JP @ 06/02/2020 08:56  

Here's one for all shortarses that like shafties. I filter through London traffic, I pick up stock for my shop, hard luggage means I don't have to carry my gear when I park up, and you should see how much camping stuff I can fit when I go rallying The comfy riding position makes it a mile muncher and boy does it handle well. I'm now on my 5th Yamaha Fjr. seat height is one of the lowest of the 1300's but the tank is the slimmest which helps a lot if you're only 5'5"

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FJR RIDER @ 06/02/2020 13:04  

Surely a contender or two from the past..oddly for me,both from Honda...past times,the Honda CD175..have ridden many of these,winter mule deluxe...low enough to ride on snow without bricking it,light enough to pick up...would love another.
Currently own...'96 Honda CB500 twin..does everything (except 160mph,lol)..good enough to have a race series built around it...:)
Not all ultimates need 100+bhp....practicality is the key..:)
But any bike can be an ultimate,if it does everything you need it to,ride safe..""OO""

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jinx57 @ 15/02/2020 09:05  

I looked at the bike featured and yes, it certainly looks the part but I have to say that my old Triumph Tiger takes some beating. It's built like the proverbial brick built shithouse and has taken me all over this country and Europe and went surprisingly well on a few off road excursions including Salisbury Plain unmade roads.
Surely the best bike is the 125 Honda Cub. I've taken one of these off road up mountains in Thailand and when you see the locals with husband, wife, 3 kids and a sack of rice then their carrying capacity leaves no doubt as to their practicality.
Having said that I wouldn't want to take one round the M25 LOL

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Deleted Member @ 15/02/2020 14:47  

I fully agree that most bikes are capable of most things but once that doubt gets in your mind, you start looking for a change. I have a soft spot for Hondas and agree with Bikeabill's fireblade analogy of it's reliability but I adored my blackbird for 6 years until a tank slapper made me think again. I reckon it was a gust of wind on the top box, but it was enough to warrant a change. Ironically, it was to a st1300 pan European

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Deleted Member @ 15/02/2020 19:43  

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